Monday, March 18, 2013

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

ACT SOON -- #1. One of our briefing subscribers pointed out to us a free MOOC starting today: "Pay Attention!: AD/HD Through the Lifespan." The course is from the University of Pennsylvania, 12 weeks long, and video-based. From the course description: "Advances in neuroscience have provided new insights into the pathophysiology of ADHD, pointing to key neural circuits involved in attention, behavioral control, learning, and reward maintenance that appear to be underperforming in patients with the disorder." Find out more.

ACT SOON -- #2. ADDitude presents today a free AD/HD "Expert Webinar" at 1pm EST with the title "Best Bites: The Top Vitamins, Supplements, and Foods for your AD/HD Child," presented by Dr. Sandy Newmark. Find out more

OTHER WEBINARS. The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation provides free, monthly "Meet the Scientist" webinars on brain-related topics. In May, the topic is "OCD and Anxiety: Symptoms, Treatment, and How to Cope." Find out more. Past webinars are archived and available online; see this page

AUTISM RESOURCE. A site called is a social network for parents of kids with autism where members can connect with other parents in similar situations and find local resources. Sign-up is free. Venerable Parade Magazine presented this resource to us yesterday over Sunday breakfast. Go to the site. (And let us know if you find it useful.) Separately, in the same Parade Mag list of useful resources was PsychCentral, which we've cited before in blog posts. The site provides information and resources on a variety of conditions of interest to those in the 2e community. Go there

PARENTING RESOURCE. 2e Newsletter contributor Dan Peters along with his professional partner Susan Daniels have written the book Raising Creative Kids, published by Great Potential Press. Peters and Daniels often write and speak on 2e-related topics; their assessment and counseling practice is in California. Find out more about the book

ANOTHER CREATIVITY RESOURCE. Apparently we can "un-inhibit" the brain when it comes to providing creative responses. Researchers used trans-crainial direct stimulation (tCDS) to make a certain area of the prefrontal cortex less controlling, cognitively speaking, in one experimental group. The group whose left prefrontal cortices were affected by the tCDS provided creative responses that were more numerous and quicker. Read more

SENG MODEL PARENTING GROUP TRAINING. We recently blogged about an upcoming SMPG training in St. Louis; turns out there's one coming up in Chicago on April 29-30 for those interested in learning how to facilitate groups of parents of gifted and 2e kids. (SENG stands for Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted; we find the group's events and communications to be very relevant to the concerns of those who raise and educate twice-exceptional children.) For more information about the Chicago SMPG training, click here

STRENGTH FROM THE "FAMILY NARRATIVE." Researchers over a decade ago set out to measure what children knew about their families by taping dinner conversations and found out that "The more children knew about their family’s history, the stronger their sense of control over their lives, the higher their self-esteem and the more successfully they believed their families functioned," according to a New York Times article. The author then provided ways to help foster this family groundedness. Find the article.

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