Tuesday, April 2, 2013

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WORLD AUTISM DAY is today, April 2nd. You can find more information at the site of the UN; at Autism Speaks; or on Facebook. If you're inclined to publicize causes through your tee shirts, you can purchase autism-themed garb at Sevenly.org -- shirts with slogans such as "Shine A Light On Autism," or "Autism: Different Not Less." Separately, Autism Speak's 2013 National Conference for Families and Professionals is scheduled for July 26-27 in Columbus, Ohio. Find out more.

AD/HD: 11% OF U.S. KIDS -- and about 20 percent of high-school age boys, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Is it overdiagnosed? A New York Times article provides fodder for that viewpoint and provides reasons for increased diagnosis. Interestingly, the article points out that some Southern states have higher rates than some Northern states; an astute 2e Newsletter Briefing reader pointed out that this contradict a recent Briefing item correlating sunlight with lower rates of AD/HD. The article also notes that sales of stimulant meds for AD/HD have risen from $4 billion in 2007 to $9 billion in 2012. Find the article.

TREATING AD/HD. A study published in Pediatrics indicates that training parents of AD/HD kids might have stronger and longer-lasting effects than medication. However, study limitations apparently prevented the researchers from comparing parental training to a combination of meds and training. Find a write-up of the study.

STIMULANT MED MISUSE is the topic of an article at SharpBrains.com by David Rabiner, who explores the prevelance of misuse, the frequency, sources of meds for those who misuse them, profiles of the miscreants, and more. Find the article.

AD/HD SUMMER CAMP can lead to smarter, confident, and happy kids, if the experiences of three families written up at ADDitude are to be believed. See what you think.

ASPERGER'S AND VIOLENCE. In the wake of news that a copy of Look Me In the Eye, by John Elder Robinson, had been found in the home of Adam Lanza, Robinson spoke out against a "rush to judgement" on any connection between Asperger's and violence. “The dialogue about Asperger’s and violence has reached a point where it’s become a civil rights kind of question,” he said. Read more.

AUTISM SCREENING. For families in the Mid-Atlantic states, the Kennedy Krieger Institute will provide free developmental assessments for infants 5-10 months of age who have an older sibling with ASD. The goal: to help identify the red flags of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in infant siblings of children with ASD as early as possible. Find out more.

OSA IN KIDS. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in children can be associated with increased rates of AD/HD-like problems as well as other issues, according to a study from the University of Arizona in Tucson. The results of the five-year study: "Compared to youth who never had SDB, children with sleep apnea were more likely to have parent-reported problems in the areas of hyperactivity, attention, disruptive behaviors, communication, social competency and self-care. Children with persistent sleep apnea also were seven times more likely to have parent-reported learning problems and three times more likely to have school grades of C or lower." Read more.

ANTI-DEPRESSANT FAILURE. A study of depression treatment, and associated clinical responses to different medicines indicates that genetic variants can explain 42 percent of a person's response to antidepressants. Although there's evidently a long way to go to identify precisely which genetic markers will predict response (or non-response), the study confirmed that a meaningful proportion of an individual's response is determined by genetics. Find out more.

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