Thursday, May 23, 2013

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WHY FRENCH KIDS DON'T HAVE ADHD is the title of an article that appeared in Psychology Today a while back, but which we just discovered. (Thanks, BRB.) The article notes that only .5 percent -- five tenths of a percent -- of kids in France are diagnosed with ADHD and medicated. The author examines some cultural reasons for the difference and some differences in the way French clinicians identify and treat conditions in children and adolescents. As the author writes, French clinicians focus on "identifying and addressing the underlying psychosocial causes of children's symptoms, not on finding the best pharmacological band-aids with which to mask symptoms." Read more.

ADDITUDE is publishing in its summer issue an article titled "ADHD and the Interest-Based Nervous System," which is being previewed online. The author defines "the ADHD zone," including strengths and attributes of ADHD, and urges clinicians to "stop trying to turn ADHD people into neurotypical people." He also urges ADHDers to create their own owner's manual with special rules for getting into the ADHD zone and functioning at "remarkable levels." Read the article.

CONFERENCE ON DYSLEXIA AND TALENT, TAKE 2. A dyslexic participant in the Eide-organized Conference on Dyslexia and Talent (and soon to be physician in internal medicine) reflects on his childhood (taunts of "dimwinky" and more) and on the way he has here-to-for framed his past. Instead of succeeding despite being dyslexic, as he has believed along the way, he was, at the conference, asked to consider having succeeded because of dyslexia. Interesting switch? Read his reaction.

CMI DISCUSSION ON DYSLEXIA. The Child Mind Institute presented an evening discussion with Richard Engel, an award-winning journalist who is dyslexic. During the evening, Engel described some of his challenges growing up and one of the things that gave him confidence in adolescence. Read more

SPOTTING DYSLEXIA. In an article to be published in the May/June issue of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter, out soon, author Dan Peters says that one problem in getting services at school for 2e kids is that teachers are not trained to identify such kids. A timely article in the UK Guardian offers guidelines for "spotting the signs and supporting your students." Find the article

PARENT RESOURCE. A pair of attorneys has launched a site called Your Special Education Rights, which is described as "a free online resource for parents... [and] the first and only online social community to provide video-based training and an online social support network comprised exclusively of parents of children who have disabilities." A press release promise this: With a constantly-updated series of engaging videos, designed to help parents recognize and model appropriate responses to roadblocks put forth by public school administrators when special education services are requested, YSER gives parents powerful tools and guidance to effectively advocate for their child’s education. Parents who take advantage of YSER’s online membership are able to learn about their legal rights in a practical, user-friendly format. Find YSER.

NCLD TOOL. The National Center for Learning Disabilities has launched the LD Navigator, which the organization calls "a comprehensive resource guide about learning disabilities for the pediatric professional community and parents." Sections of the online guide include definitions of LDs (the specific LDs along with co-existing disorders such as ADHD), education-related guidance, "ages and stages," and resources. Find the tool.

WRIGHTSLAW, in the current edition of Special Ed Advocate, covers parent rights and responsibilities for IEPs, along with keys to success in the parent's role. Find the newsletter.

DAVIDSON INSTITUTE. The May issue of this organization's eNews-Update is out. Read about winners in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair; upcoming gifted ed conferences; and a new book about talent development. Find the newsletter.

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