Monday, June 10, 2013

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ADDERALL FOR FINALS WEEK is the subject of an article by an M.D. writing for the Huffington Post. Turns out the mother of a young patient of his wanted him to prescribe Adderall so the young man could do better on his finals. The doctor declined, and very eloquently explains the concerns that went into his decision. One item in the article: The U.S. has four percent of the world's population and uses two-thirds of the world's Adderall. Find the article.

VISION PROBLEMS AND DYSLEXIA. A new fMRI-based study indicates that visions problems don't lead to dyslexia, and that "visual system function shouldn't have a role in diagnosis or treatment." Rather, visual problems in dyslexics are the result of the disorder, not a cause. While the study found that kids with dyslexia might have deficits in their brains' visual system activity, that level of activity could be increased with tutoring; again, the deficit was a seen as a result of the dyslexia and the lack of reading experience in this population. Read more.

GIFTED AND 2e VIDEOS. Since posting last time about a video titled "Taming the Worry Monster," by Dan Peters, we've become aware that other videos on gifted- and 2e-related topics from Dan are available. One is on misdiagnosis of gifted children; another is on asynchronous development of gifted kids.

TED TALK. A TED talk by Andrew Solomon is disturbing but provides insight into the situation that 2e families find themselves in. It's about differences -- more broadly than in our 2e community -- but very relevant. He addresses the questions, "What is it like to raise a child who's different from you in some fundamental way (like a prodigy, or a differently abled kid, or a criminal)?" and "What's the difference between unconditional love and unconditional acceptance?" Find the talk.

ADHD AND COMORBIDITIES. Dr Larry Silver is scheduled to present a free webinar on June 11 titled "Understanding Comorbid Conditions Associated with Attention Deficit." Sponsored by ADDitude, Dr. Silver is clinical professor of psychiatry and an engaging speaker. Find out more

LD ONLINE has posted articles concerning summertime reading for kids with learning issues. One is titled "Summer Reading Strategies for Children with Dyslexia." Find the articles at the LD Online site; if you wait until after this week, you'll probably have to search for the articles separately, but right now they're on the home page. 

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