Thursday, July 25, 2013

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

AUTISM DIAGNOSIS. Researchers have developed a quantitative screening method based on the analysis of movement in those who have autism. According to a study write-up, the method "factors the importance of changes in movements and movement sensing, thus enabling the identification of inherent capabilities in each child, rather than just highlighting impairments of the child's movement systems. It measures tiny fluctuations in movement as the individual moves through space and can determine the exact degree to which these patterns of motion differ from more typically developing individuals, and to what degree they can turn into predictive, reliable and anticipatory movements." A potential benefit: earlier diagnosis and treatment. Read more.

MERCURY AND AUTISM: NO LINK? A new study claims that children exposed in the womb to low levels of mercury from fish are no more likely to show autistic symptoms. Read more.

BREASTFEEDING AND ADHD -- inversely linked. An Israeli study seems to indicate that breastfeeding decreases the risk of a child developing ADHD. Researchers are not sure of the mechanism. Find the study write-up.

SCHOOL FOR 2e KIDS. The School on the Quad, in Manhattan, has announced that beginning with the 2013-2014 school year it will offer programming for twice-exceptional students that features one-to-one instruction and support for multiple intelligences. The school will begin with one mixed-age middle school class this fall, expanding to grades 6-12 in the coming years. Find out more at the Quad Manhattan website.

NCLB REWRITE: CEC NOT PLEASED. The U.S. House has revised legislation covering education. The Council for Exceptional Children says that the rewrite "reduces accountability for students with disabilities" and "ignores the needs of high ability students," among other shortcomings. Read more.

PANDAS SCREENING RECOGNIZED. An Oklahoma company has been recognized for its work in developing a testing panel that can identify PANDAS and PANS, diseases which can cause neurobiological effects whose causes may not be apparent to many physicians. The benefit to the test: positive results allow effective therapy. Find out more.

NEW BOOK FROM GPP. If parents of gifted and 2e kids didn't have enough to worry about with learning challenges, anxiety, and depression, consider existential depression based on a child's search for meaning in the world. Psychologist James Webb has just published a book, Searching for Meaning,   dealing with this topic through his company, Great Potential Press. Read about the book and see a preview.

ADDITUDE WEBINAR. On July 20, ADDittude offers a free webinar titled "Secrets of the ADHD Brain: What You Need to Know About the Condition" with ADHD expert William Dodson, M.D. You can post questions in advance. Find out more.

TED RADIO HOUR. NPR offers programs based on TED talks, and one recent program is titled "The Unquiet Mind." The blurb says, "In this hour, TED speakers share their experiences straddling that line between madness and sanity — and question if we're all in the gray area between the two." Feeling brave? Find out more.

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