Thursday, August 1, 2013

From the Publishers of 2e Newsletter

ASPERGER'S DIFFERENT THAN AUTISM? Is the DSM-5 wrong by lumping Asperger's with autism? A study using EEG shows different neurological patterns between subjects with autism and Asperger's. Read more. Separately, another study seems to indicate that "attention impairments are not a key component of autism itself." This implies that attentional capabilities are intact in children with autism, which affects the way parents and educators can interact with such children. Find out more.

LACK OF ATTENTION TO GIFTED. A writer in the Richmond, Virginia, Times Dispatch adds her voice to those who decry the way the United States does not support or nurture the giftedness in high ability students. She notes the difference between the U.S. and other countries in this regard and points out, among other things, the lack of federal funding, the lack of state funding, and the ill effects on the gifted population itself. Read the article.

NO NEED FOR LEARNING STYLES? We've noted before, with some skepticism, how some educators dispute the theory of student learning styles -- Daniel Willingham being a prime example. Now, an educator/blogger at MiddleWeb explains how she has come to accept that "the learning style theory is not the glue that holds my classroom together." If you're curious about this ongoing, multi-year discussion over learning styles, check out her viewpoint.

WINEBRENNER ON SPOTLITE RADIO. Susan Winebrenner, an educational consultant and author who has written for 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter, has a show on Spotlite Radio. The show, posted on July 26, deals with gifted education and re-enfranchising gifted students. Find it.

NCLD has posted a short video on the dyslexic brain. Of interest is that the first person to comment on the video basically flamed it, but remaining reviewers supported the content and approach. See for yourself.

DAVIDSON INSTITUTE. The July issues of the Institute's eNews-Update is out, with information about the Institute and Academy, pointers to news in gifted ed (including the announcement of the third class of Thiel Fellows), and pointers to other resources on the web. Find the newsletter.

SENG WEBINAR. ON August 13th, Lori Camalllie-Caplan of SENG will present a webinar titled "Parenting the Twice-Exceptional Student." The webinar is in the evening; the cost is $40. Find out more.

WRIGHTLAW SUMMER SCHOOL. Part 2 of "So You Want to Be an Advocate" is available online at Wrightslaw. The blurb says, "you'll learn how to plan and prepare to be an effective advocate and what mistakes to avoid. Find out where to get the information and training you need. Get a reading and resource list." Go there.

SOMETHING ELSE TO WORRY ABOUT. Injury during physical fighting by teenagers can lower IQ. For boys, the loss is equivalent to a school year after two fights; for girls, one fighting injury wipes out a year. Read more.

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