Monday, October 7, 2013

From the Publishers of 2e Newsletter

HOW'S YOUR CORPUS CALLOSUM? That's the bundles of nerves that connects the left and right hemispheres of your brain. It turns out that Albert Einstein had more extensive connections there than most people, which researchers believe might have contributed to his brilliance. Read more.

CARING FOR AN ATYPICAL CHILD. On her blog, a psychologist has a posting titled "Put on Your Own Oxygen Mask First." You know the origin of the command. The psychologist applies it to parents of atypical children, suggesting that such parents take measures to reduce the stress they face. She points how how the child's service providers probably never ask how the parent in the family is doing. Included in the post is a "self care menu." Find the blog.

NEW YORK GT SYMPOSIUM. A one-day event titled "The NYC Gifted and Talented Symposium" is scheduled for October 26th. Several sessions deal with twice exceptionality, including one presented by Melissa Sornik, There's also a strand on social and emotional needs of the gifted. Organizers say that a curated exhibit hall will offer a sampling of NYC’s best schools, programs and services for high potential youth, while the Education Technology ‘Ed Tech’ Discovery Showcase will provide opportunities to explore web and app-based learning tools to support children and students. Find out more.

DAN PETERS has authored two books forthcoming from Great Potential Press, both on the topic of overcoming anxiety and turning a "worrier" into a "warrior." One books is directed at parents; the other is for kids. Find out more.

THE NEW ADHD is the title of a slide presentation at the site of ADDitude. Professor Thomas Brown, of Yale University, provides the update. Go there.

REFORM EDUCATION. Lose the grades, lose the exams, and don't worry if all the kids in a class are not the same age. That's what the Equinox Summit: Learning 2030 recommends in a new learning roadmap released recently. The recommendations also propose eliminating grades 9 through 12 in favor of groupings of students based on ability and area of study. Says one summit participant, "The current model of grade levels and ages is flawed. We need to progress students through high school, not by their ages, but by the stages they're at." Find out more.

WASHINGTON, DC-AREA EVENT. The Weinfeld Group is co-sponsoring a presentation in Silver Springs, Maryland, on October 10th on the topic of how the Common Core Standards will work for "uncommon" students. According to the organizers, the presenters will review the CCSS and identify language barriers that may challenge students who have ADHD and LDs. Suggestions for academic supports will be discussed. Find out more.

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