Monday, October 14, 2013

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

FALL BOOKLET SALE. If you've been waiting for a sale opportunity to fill in the gaps in your collection of booklets from the "Spotlight on 2e Series," now might be the time. Our Fall Sale offers any booklet for $11; paid newsletter subscribers get an even better price, $10. Find out more

WOLCOTT SCHOOL in Chicago opened this fall, providing Chicago-area parents of twice-exceptional children with a new potential educational option. According to the school's website, the college preparatory school "offers an exemplary high school program for students with learning differences, tailored to the strengths and aspirations of each student." We don't see the words "twice exceptional" at the site -- but, as the saying goes, "If it quacks like a duck..." Find the site.

DYSLEXIC ADVANTAGE WEBINAR. The next in a series of webinars sponsored by Dyslexic Advantage is presented by a game designer and is an opportunity to talk to the designer and "find out his personal experiences with dyslexia, how he got [to] programming and designing games, and what it was like to work and become the Creative Directors for some of the most famous games on the planet." Find out more.

SENG CALL FOR PROPOSALS. The organization Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted issued a call for proposals for its 2014 conference in San Jose. Proposals are due by December 18. Got an idea for a presentation? Pitch it!

NCLD has begun a pilot program in Chicago to support parents. The organization is looking for confidential survey input from Chicago-area parents as part of this program. Participate!

DITD NEWSLETTER. The Educator's Guild Newsletter for Fall is out, featuring a Q&A with psychologist Thom Greenspan of Minneapolis; the topic -- perfectionism. Got a perfectionist student? Find the newsletter.

ACA AND AUTISM. Autism Speaks has issued guidelines on how the autistic community may be affected by the Affordable Care Act. If this is of concern to your family, find the resources.

ADHD: CAUSED BY STATE DOEs. Well, maybe not caused. But a couple of economics professors have analyzed the state variances in ADHD diagnosis and concluded that high-stakes testing can influence the rate of ADHD diagnosis in particular states. High stakes can "encourage" diagnosis and medication for the resultant higher performance; conversely, those stakes may also encourage a diagnosis in order to take advantage of educational accommodations. Don't buy it? Read more.

HISTORY OF LDs. This year is an anniversary of sorts, fifty years after a special ed expert defined the term "learning disability" at a conference. NCLD offers a page titled "The History of Learning Disabilities" noting that landmark and other LD trends since. Find the page.

GIFTED ED ENDORSEMENT. The college of education at Vanderbilt University has announced an add-on endorsement covering gifted ed. The courses required for the endorsement include at least a mention of twice exceptionality. Find out more.

ENCOURAGING GIFTED CHILDREN. The news program "60 Minutes" has reported on a family in Maryland and the ways in which the parents keep their kids engaged and challenged mentally. One of the children, at 14, won a grand prize in the Intel Science Fair. Read more.

REGULAR BEDTIME can forestall or correct behavior problems, according to a new study of 10,000 seven-year-olds. Researchers suggested several reasons for the connection: "First, switching bedtimes from night to night interferes with circadian rhythms [the body clock] and induces a state akin to jet lag. Second, disrupted sleep interferes with processes to do with brain maturation." Find out more.

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