Tuesday, October 29, 2013

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES are not the same as learning styles, says Howard Gardner in a post at The Washington Post. He differentiates the two, and also offers "three primary lessons for educators." Find the posting.

RETURN TO LEARN is the name of a checklist for doctors, educators, and parents to use in determining how and when a student should resume school work. The checklist is the work of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The guidelines include accommodations for recovering concussed students, such as providing rest times in the school nurse's office, or attending school for only half a day. Read more.

NAGC has issued a position statement titled "Ensuring Gifted Students with Disabilities Receive Appropriate Care: Call for Comprehensive Assessment." The statement includes five recommended strategies for identifying and supporting twice-exceptional students. The statement says, "schools must look beyond using a single approach that may identify only the disability or the giftedness." Find the statement.

SUNSHINE, ADHD. In parts of the world that are sunnier, fewer people are diagnosed with ADHD, according to a recent study. Solar intensity, believe the study authors, might account for roughly a third to a half of the variance in ADHD prevalence between regions. The lead author is quoted as saying, "The preventative effect of high solar intensity might be related to an improvement of circadian clock disturbances, which have recently been associated with ADHD." Read the study abstract.

ADVOCACY POLL ON OUR WEBSITE. We plan to close the current poll soon, so if you're interested in letting us know (anonymously, of course) how you advocate for your 2e child at school -- eg, by yourself, with help, etc, please take the poll at http://www.2enewsletter.com/. Thanks!

BOOKLET SALE ENDING SOON. Our Fall any-booklet-for-$11 sale ends this Saturday, November 2. If you've been meaning to order any of the nine titles in the Spotlight on 2e Series, maybe now's the time. Find the sale.

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