Tuesday, November 19, 2013

From the Publishers: Items on Giftedness, LDs, Education, Parenting...

PSYCHOBIOTICS? Did you know your "gut" contains about 1 kilogram of bacteria which can be "modulated" by diet, for example by ingesting probiotics such as those found in yogurt? And that the right probiotics can have effects on the psyche, especially on feelings of stress and depression? Find a primer on this topic at Science Daily, then go on to read more at the site of NPR, where a blogger provides more detail on the workings of gut bacteria, including how the gut may communicate with the brain. (Then go have a yogurt.)

PRETEND PLAY provides a lot of benefit and fosters child development, according to a blogger at Scientific American. Among the area of benefit are language usage; the ability to switch perspectives; social skills; and the expression of positive and negative feelings. The blogger also discusses environments that foster pretend play. Read more.

RECOGNIZING FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES. The Connecticut Association for the Gifted (CAG) recently recognized a state legislator as a "2013 Friend of the Gifted" for the legislator's support of gifted-friendly legislation. The news item begs the question, do state gifted associations across the country monitor legislators and reward or acknowledge those who advance the gifted (or twice-exceptional) cause? Seems like the CAG has the right idea. Read more.

NCLD WANTS INPUT. The National Center for Learning Disabilities, as part of a coalition of non-profits, is building a new website for parents of kids with learning or attention issues. NCLD is requesting parent input via a survey on what the site should be like. If you like what NCLD does and want to suggest that the new site include material on twice-exceptionality, consider taking the survey.

GIFTED EDUCATION PRESS QUARTERLY. This newsletter's winter edition is just out, featuring an article on identifying and educating "gifted African-American students who may have characteristics similar to ADHD." Another article is an exerpt from "Exam Schools" by Chester Finn. Find the newsletter.

LD ONLINE, in its current newsletter, focuses on career and college prep for high school seniors with LDs or ADHD. Got one of those? Find the newsletter.

SHARPBRAINS has, on its site, a collection called "Top 15 Articles on Neuroplasticity and Brain Health." While some of the article apply to adults, some -- like "Mindfulness and Meditation in Schools" -- apply to young people as well. Find the collection.

GIFTED DEVELOPMENT CENTER, a non-profit, has received a challenge grant. If the Center can raise $10,000, a donor will match that amount to provide funding for the Center's work. If you believe in the work the Center does, consider donating.

SENG is conducting its Annual Appeal, and Lori Comallie-Caplan, outgoing (in several ways) SENG Board "Champion" for Model Parent Group programs, encourages gifts to help the SMPG programs going; find out more.

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