Sunday, December 1, 2013

2e AND SPORTS. Well, it's Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S., and lots of football. In the middle of this is a blog by a guy named Alex Pappademas, on Grantland, a site that -- as nearly as we can tell -- is devoted to sports and maybe a little "social commentary." The title of the post is "I Suck at Football 2.13: Twice-Exceptional." Evidently this guy has an enlightened sister. " I sat there drinking coffee with my sister and listened to her tell me about the term "twice exceptional," or "2e." Basically it's when a gifted kid's stellar potential masks a learning disability of some kind. Undiagnosed, it can lead to depression and social anxiety ("Hmm," I said) and also lonerish behavior ("Go on," I said) and difficulty finishing big projects ("You don't say," I said) and even being bad at returning phone calls. That's me in the corner! I'm twice-exceptional!" It's a weird post because it starts and ends with sports but reveals a life in the middle -- not that sports isn't life. Find the blog.

GHF RESOURCES. A recent email from the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum reminded us of the resources the group makes available for parents and for parents to provide to others. Among those is a "Professionals' Guide to Gifted and 2e Chldren," available on the GHF website. Another is a brochure titled "Twice Exceptional: Smart Kids with Learning Differences," intended to "help educators, healthcare professionals and others understand that some gifted children’s challenges and behaviors are associated with being 'many ages at once,' or asynchronous, but that the very same challenges may also be indicative of a learning difference," according to GHF; find the brochure.

DAVIDSON eNEWS-UPDATE. The November issue of this newsletter came out recently. It carries (naturally) news of the Davidson Institute's activities, but also points to other news items of interest and to a variety of web-based resources. Find the newsletter.

NOT MUCH NEWS in the last few days -- mostly because everyone in the U.S. was either preparing, ingesting, or digesting turkey. We did manage to get out the November/December issue of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter before the holiday; watch for postings at our website soon. Next blog posting -- later this week.

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