Friday, December 27, 2013

From the Publishers of 2e Newsletter

THE VALUE OF GIFTED PROGRAMS comes into question in an article in The Atlantic. The article reported on a study comparing students of roughly the same ability -- those who just made it into a gifted program and those who just missed. The hypothesis: if gifted programs are effective, then the marginal students enrolled in those programs would do better on standardized tests. The result: no difference in scores. Read more.

NON-CONFORMING KIDS. Chances are you know one -- maybe even raise one -- a child who might be alleged to have issues with self-regulation, or self-discipline, or emotional regulation. Does that child need help? A writer in The New Republic takes on that question, in the process describing trends in education, especially social emotional learning, or SEL, which is supposed to help a child academically. The problem: there might not be a link between social-emotional skills and academic achievement. Further, labeling a child as deficient in social-emotional skills can have negative consequences. The article ends with this quote: “The saddest, most soul-crushing thing is the negative self-image. We think kids don’t understand what’s happening, but they do. There’s this quiet reinforcement that something is wrong with them. That’s the thing that’ll kill.” Find the article.

THAT'S IT! The end of the year is a slow time for news. More next week -- hopefully.

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