Thursday, December 12, 2013

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FAMOUS ASPIE. Dan Aykroyd, of Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters fame, briefly discusses his Asperger's condition in an interview in the UK Daily Mail. He also reveals that he was diagnosed with Tourette's at age 12, but with therapy overcame it. In response to the question, "Any vices?" he replies, "Macaroni and cheese, made properly with spice and truffle oil." Read more.

TWO BOOKLETS NOW IN PDF. As a trial, we're now offering two of our booklets from our "Spotlight on 2e Series" in PDF form. The booklets are:
  • Parenting Your Twice-Exceptional Child (for parents)
  • Understanding Your Twice-Exceptional Student (for educators).
Each booklet is available for $7, and shipping charges no longer matter! Find out more at our website.

HOLIDAYS AND STRESS. As we scan articles for items to report here, we've noticed lots of pieces lately on dealing with holiday stress. If you feel the need for advice, check places like NCLD or just do a search on the topic. The best advice we've seen so far this season: "Be present, not perfect."

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS VERSUS FLUID INTELLIGENCE. High-stakes tests measure knowledge and skills that schools impart. Schools can raise those scores -- but evidently cannot raise scores on tests of "fluid intelligence," such as working memory capacity, processing speed, and abstract reasoning. Researchers studying this duality hope that the findings will encourage educational practices that improve the cognitive skills involved in fluid intelligence. Find out more.

WHAT'S THE BIGGEST FACTOR IN EXAM SCORES? Genetics. Not teachers, not family -- genetics. In a twins study, genetics explained over 50 percent of test score differences; shared environmental factors such as family comprised about 29 percent of those differences. The authors explain that the findings do not imply that educational achievement is genetically pre-determined, or that environmental interventions are not important, but rather that recognizing the importance of children's natural predispositions may help improve learning. Read more.

NO GIFTED OR 2e ON PINTEREST? Pinterest has a "Teachers" section with about 30 groups based on grade level, topic, and even "The Works of Roald Dahl." But groups focusing on gifteness or twice exceptionality? We don't see any. Maybe in the future. In the meantime, check out what teachers post in "Teachers on Pinterest." (If you know of gifted/2e resources on Pinterest, please let us know.)

GOT A RELATIVE WHO DOESN'T BELIEVE in learning and attention issues? Chance are you've encountered disbelief from a relative or neighbor when the topic of learning challenges came up, especially when the student in question is bright. The National Center for Learning Disabilities offers advice for dealing with non-believers; find it.

NATIONAL JOINT COMMITTEE ON LEARNING DISABILITIES. NJCLD is an organization with the mission of providing "multi-organizational leadership and resources to optimize outcomes for individuals with learning disabilities." Its "home" is on the website of the National Center for Learning Disabilities. There you can find out more about how it accomplishes its mission, member organizations, and a variety of web resources. Find the page at the NCLD site.

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