Friday, January 24, 2014

From the Publishers of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

GIFTED ED. Want to read more depressing stuff about how gifted students are ignored? An article in District Administration notes how high achievers have become an afterthought. The article notes research showing the lack of individual attention received by gifted students; a "descent" from achievement at advanced levels by many students identified as gifted; and the lack of funding for gifted ed. NAGC's executive director Nancy Green is quoted in the article. Find it.

ADHD AND GENDER. Girls with ADHD are affected differently than boys, according to a researcher/author who has an upcoming book titled The ADHD Explosion. While boys are still diagnosed with ADHD at a rate about 2.5 times that of girls, girls are more likely to be depressed, have suicidal thoughts, or self-harm. They are, in the words of the researcher, "directing negativity inward." Read more.

NEW DSM ASD GUIDELINES. Before the DSM 5 was published last year, we blogged about articles suggesting that the new guidelines would lead to fewer diagnoses of ASD. A retrospective study says that if the new guidelines had been in place since 2008, the prevalence of ASD today would be 1 in 100 children rather than 1 in 88, the current estimate. The article explains the changes between the old and new diagnostic criteria; find it.

2e IN TERMS OF "INTERSECTIONALITY." A diagram at the blog of Miriam Dobson has attracted lots of attention, and it can be applied to children who are both gifted and learning disabled (as well as to other "groups"). Titled "Intersectionality: A Fun Guide," the diagram points out how, for categories of "different" people, there might be liberation groups (think gifted ed or special ed) but that the groups aren't necessarily intersectional. The guide is better seen and read than interpreted by us, so check it out. (Thanks to Terry F for bringing the guide to our attention.)

NCLD's current newsletter focuses on ADHD and has articles on how it affects a child's social life, how to avoid ADHD "trouble spots," and possible causes of ADHD. Find the newsletter.

CHILD MIND INSTITUTE has on its site an article on behavioral treatments for kids with ADHD. The article covers therapy for behavioral problems and skills-based interventions for attention problems. Find the article.

ALSO ON ADHD, has posted an updated article titled "Dealing with Oppositional Defiant Behaviors in Your Child." Are 2e kids ever oppositional? Heavens, no. But if you'd like to know more about the topic anyway, find the article.

PARENTING. At the site of, and counselor/coach interviews with an author and leadership expert on "the seven damaging parenting behaviors that keep children from becoming leaders -- of their own lives and of the world's enterprises." We have to say, some of the behaviors hit home. See what you think.

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