Friday, January 10, 2014

From the Publishers

HERE ARE RECENT ITEMS we've found on giftedness, LDs, twice-exceptionality, education, and parenting that might be of interest to those who raise and educate twice-exceptional children...

"I WAS RUBBISH IN SCHOOL," says a TV chef. Couldn't read. Wanted to get up and do something. Was in a special needs program. Well, he had dyslexia -- and, like so many dyslexics who had trouble in school, is now successful. Read more at the site of the Child Mind Institute.

DEPRESSION. A recent study links a higher incidence of depression in teens with concussions; find out more. Separate research indicates that people who have both ADHD and asthma are also at a greatly increased risk for depression; read more.

PERSONAL TRAINER FOR PARENTING. The Washington Post describes an emerging psychological program for caregivers of children who are out of control. Called Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, therapists coach the parents/caregivers in real time, observing through one-way glass and providing advice over a wireless earpiece. Find out more.

ADHD PROFESSIONALS who can help are the topic of a slideshow feature at ADDitude, which provides a brief description of the roles of family doctors, developmental pediatricians, neurologists, and more. Find the feature.

HAVING A BALL WITH ATTENTION. If you've ever wondered whether stability balls can make a difference in the classroom, check out an article in the Charlotte Observer about their use in a school in North Carolina. A teacher who uses the balls thinks they have beneficial effects on focus, motor skill development, and even symptoms of autism.

WHAT TO DO NEXT is the title of an in-development series of articles by Deborah Ruf, available at her Talent Igniter website. The first article offers advice on what to do after you know that your child is gifted; the second expresses Ruf's concern about the achievement gap within each gifted individual -- the gap between achievement and potential. Find the articles.

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