Thursday, January 16, 2014

News from the Publishers of 2e Newsletter

CAUSE OR EFFECT? Dyslexics have less gray matter in the brain. It had been thought that was the cause of reading problems, but now researchers think it might be because of "poorer reading experiences." Read more.

IDO IN AUTISMLAND. A young man with autism missed only one question on the California High School Exit exam, but struggles to communicate. He has, however, written a book about his experiences and has addressed graduates of the department of special education at Cal State Northridge. Read more about Ido, his challenges and accomplishments and simply what it's like to grow up intelligent and autistic.

MORE ON AUTISM. Children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have trouble integrating simultaneous information from their eyes and their ears, according to a Vanderbilt study. The study found that children with autism have an enlargement in something known as the temporal binding window, meaning the brain has trouble associating visual and auditory events that happen within a certain period of time. Find out more.

SCIENCE-BASED MEDICINE is the name of a website that "is dedicated to evaluating medical treatments and products of interest to the public in a scientific light, and promoting the highest standards and traditions of science in health care." The site strives to draw on scientific knowledge to determine "what works," often focusing on claims for alternative medicine. On the site, you can find their thoughts about a variety of issues in ADHD; in Tourette's; and even vaccines and autism.

DYSLEXIC ADVANTAGE NEWSLETTER. The January edition is out. In it, you can find out what the Eides will be up to in the next few months, including Dyslexic Advantage events in San Francisco in March. Find the newsletter.

2e AND AFRICAN-AMERICAN. You think being twice-exceptional is tough? Add into the mix being an African-American child and see where it takes you. A mother tells Part 1 of such a story at the site of the NCLD; Parts 2 and 3 are coming up. Among the "low-lights" of Part 1: a guidance counselor who, while admitting he is neither a psychologist or psychiatrist, diagnoses the young man as being ODD. Find the account.

JAVITS REBORN? CEC reports that inside the recently-passed U.S. federal funding bill is $5 million for Javits Act funding, the first since 2011. We're not going to hold our breath, but it sure would be nice. Find the CEC report. (Let's see, NAGC estimates that there are about 3 million gifted kids in the U.S., so... calculating... why, the funding is almost $1.67 per child! Think of what that money can do. :-( Never mind, it's a start.)

SHOWING YOUR WORK. Yesterday we were proofing an article for the upcoming issue of 2e Newsletter, an article about learners strong in visual-spatial skills, learners who often intuit an answer rather than arrive at it through sequential steps. We were reminded of the article by today's (November 16) Frazz cartoon. Find it.

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