Friday, January 31, 2014

News, Resources from the Publishers of 2e Newsletter

ANXIETY & MEDS. In Clinical Psychiatry News, a psychiatrist makes the case for using medication for treating children with "refractory" anxiety to keep kids from "sputtering" and not doing well. He advocates for a treatment plan with a clear goal, saying " I guarantee if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re not going to go anywhere." If you have a 2e child who has anxiety, you might want to read this article.

RESOURCE FROM THE CHILD MIND INSTITUTE. This organization offers a free PDF titled "Parent's Guide to Getting Good Care," which focuses on obtaining mental health care for children. The editor of the guide writes, "In this guide we take you through the steps to finding the best professional (or team) to treat your child. Along the way, we offer things to look for to ensure that you’re getting quality care, and questions to ask to evaluate both the clinicians and treatments they offer." Find the guide. And good going, Child Mind Institute.

ACTOR WILL FORTE & OCD. The Child Mind Institute also has an article on actor Will Forte, who is in an Oscar-nominated film, and his openness about his OCD and how it's affected his acting career. Find the article.

KINDERGARTEN: CHANGED. Kindergarten is now the "new first grade," according to a study from the University of Virginia. And the increased emphasis on literacy may reduce the time available for play, exploration, and social interactions. Is that a good thing or bad? Read more and decide.

DAVIDSON INSTITUTE. This organization's January e-newsletter is out, and it features summer program options for gifted students as well as Davidson news. Find the newsletter.

OBITUARY. On its site, the National Association for Gifted Children has an obituary for James J. Gallagher, an expert in both special education and gifted education (gotta love that intersection) who was prominent in setting policy at the state and national levels. Among his achievements, according to the obituary:

  • Introducing the concept of the IEP
  • Approving initial federal funding for Sesame Street
  • Helping establish federal policy for GT students
Find the obituary.

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