Thursday, February 27, 2014

"DYSLEXIA" A MEANINGLESS TERM? That's the contention of a new book, The Dyslexia Debate. A piece at says that the problem is that the blanket term covers multiple problems and multiple symptoms, so an intervention that might work for one child won't work for another. (The authors of the book do not deny that reading problems exist.) Read more.

TO WORRY ABOUT, 1. Older dads -- say, 45 or more -- are more likely to have kids who develop mental issues such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, ASD, and schizophrenia, according to research reported in The New York Times. While expert reviewers say that it's a good study, they caution that the vast majority of births will be fine, and that the study needs replication. Read more.

TO WORRY ABOUT, 2. Handling store receipts on thermal paper can raise the levels of BPA in the body. BPA affects neurodevelopment in children and reproductive function in adults. Particularly at risk may be cashiers. Find out more.

YOU KNEW THIS. Apparently we remember things much better when we see them or touch them than when we hear them. The implication? "The brain may process auditory information differently than visual and tactile information, and alternative strategies – such as increased mental repetition – may be needed when trying to improve memory,” according to one of the study authors. Read more to find out how the researchers replicated what you knew from years of giving oral directions to your child, student, or spouse.

COPAA UP IN ARMS. The Council of Parent Attorneys and Associates, dedicated to protecting the civil rights or students with disabilities, is upset about proposed educational administrative rule changes in the state of Michigan, and urges Michigan residents to contribute public comment opposing the changes. Some of the changes deal with criteria for eligibility with an ASD diagnosis; allowing paraprofessionals with less credentials than before to make decisions; and eliminating short term objectives for students served. You may find the proposed changes at the site of the COPAA. (Thanks to Tammie for pointing us to this.)

ANTIPSYCHOTICS and side effects (including weight gain) is the topic of a video at the site of the Child Mind Institute. Check it out if you have a 2e kid on these meds.

SPD 101 is the title of a 9-slide feature at the site of ADDitude, an overview of definition, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. Find it.

NEAR SANTA MONICA? The Summit Center is presenting a course called "Empowered Parenting Gifted and 2e" in six Thursday morning sessions extending from late April through May. The course is based on Melanie Prager's Empowered Parenting Basics, customized for gifted and 2e kids. Find out more.

IN NEW ENGLAND? On April 5th, the Massachusetts Association for Gifted Education is holding its annual conference, featuring a talk by Deirdre Lovecky. Lovecky is an author, clinician, and member of the Editorial Advisory Board of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter. Find out more.

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