Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday News Items from 2e Newsletter

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION -- will its expansion over the next few years bring about an epidemic of newly-diagnosed ADHD in preschoolers? That's the concern expressed in The New York Times by a couple of op-ed contributors, both professors at UC/Berkeley and co-authors of the book The ADHD Explosion. Got a toddler? Read more.

PYSCHCENTRAL. An article at this site notes that fears of overdiagnosis of ADHD are irrelevant if your child actually has ADHD, and offers five tips for parents: keep the rules clear; watch boundaries; be consistent; have a homework time; and keep treatment appointments. Want to read more? Find the article.

GENETICS AND MEDIA? In a recent study, researchers found that children who had a specific variant of a serotonin-transporter gene consumed more violent media and displayed more ADHD-related behaviors. The researchers contend that "children's violent media use is partly influenced by genetic factors." Read more (but not much more) at Science Daily.

GIFTED PROGRAMS. A writer in the student newspaper at Washington College offers her perspective on being placed in a gifted program in 7th grade. She dropped out, with reservations about the selection process and the quality of the enrichment being offered. She also reflects on the "special snowflake syndrome," writing, " An IQ score is predictive of, but does not determine, success later in life, and it certainly does not make a person “special.' She found it "liberating" to no longer think of herself as gifted. Read the essay.

ADDITUDE offers a "slideshow" of tips for parenting a defiant child. Got one? Find the tips.

EDUCATION WEEK RESOURCE. Education Week is offering a couple "Spotlights" (not to be confused with our "Spotlight on 2e Series") free of charge. One is on personalized learning; the other is on using assessment to measure student learning and growth. Find them.

NCLD, by coincidence, is also offering information on personalized learning, also called competency-based education. Find it.

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