Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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2e ON YOUTUBE. We've posted the first video on our YouTube channel, Your2eTV. ("2eTV" was already taken.) The video is a four-minute piece recorded at last November's NAGC Convention with Susan Baum, who is certainly familiar to readers of 2e Newsletter. In the video, Baum provides some basic tips to both parents and educators. Find the video.

TREATING DEPRESSION. An article at Clinical Psychiatry News discusses the responsiveness of patients to SSRI meds alone, to other antidepressant meds, and to meds combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, CBT. If depression is an issue with that 2e child you raise, check out the article, about a "landmark" study.

ADHD, COOPERATION. ADDitude offers a technique called "think-through" that it says helps children "understand what they need to do, remember what they need to do, and actually do what they need to do, without reminders" -- a pretty tall order. Find out more.

AUTISM SUPPORT TEACHERS work in educational settings with kids diagnosed with ASD, getting involved in both instruction and IEP development and fulfillment. A site called masters-in-special-education.com offers an "Ultimate Online Guide to Becoming an Autistic Support Teacher." The guide defines the role, describes who might be a good candidate, and provides advice on getting the right skills and succeeding on the job. Find the site.

DEPRESSION, SLEEP. A study of adolescent twins indicates that good sleep duration is important to maximize depression treatments. Also posited: that "sleep deprivation may be a precursor for major depression in adolescents." Find out more.

NCLD, in a recent "Three Things to Know" communique (we like it; it fits our attention span), notes how one of the Seattle Seahawk football players has dyslexia; that you don't need to wait for school to start before looking into the possibility of LDs in your child; and about IEP transition plans. Find "Three Things"

ADHD AND LATER LIFE. In what is billed as "the longest controlled prospective study of childhood ADHD," researchers determined which adult outcomes seemed to be linked with ADHD and which were not. Among linked outcomes: ongoing ADHD; antisocial personality disorder; substance abuse disorder. Not linked: alcohol disorders, mood disorders, or anxiety disorders. Find out more.

GIFTED HOMESCHOOLERS FORUM has published a brochure called "Twice Exceptional: Smart Kids with Learning Differences." On the site of GHF is an interview with the brochure's author, J. Marlow Schmauder. From the interview: "If I could send everyone home with one bit of true understanding about twice exceptional kids, it’s let them work at intellectual-age level... Support them, and they will soar." Find the interview and the brochure at the site of GHF.

SENG ONLINE PARENT SUPPORT GROUP. SENG is launching another online parent support group for 10-15 parents, to meet on Tuesdays during March and April. Cost: $200. Topics include communication, motivation, discipline, intensity, perfectionism, and peer relationships. Find out more.

JAMES J. GALLAGHER was a noted expert on both gifted ed and special ed. We noted his death last month and pointed readers to an obit at the the site of NAGC. The New York Times has also run an obituary: find it.

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