Tuesday, March 11, 2014

From the Publishers of 2e Newsletter

BRAIN WORKOUTS have lots of purposes -- keeping the brain young, for example. But some products are designed for 2e-related functions. Cogmed, as readers of this blog know, markets a program to improve attention and learning. A somewhat skeptical article in The New York Times provides an overview of the field. And while some programs seem to work and others may not live up to marketing hype, research is continuing into what's effective and what's not. Find the article

IT'S BRAIN AWARENESS WEEK. Find out more at the site of the Dana Foundation.

COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENTS. Wrightslaw's current issue of Special Ed Advocate is the first of a two-part series on comprehensive assessments -- what the assessor does, the information obtained, and how the information can be used. If you have a 2e kiddo, chances are good you're going to need to know about this topic at some point. Find the newsletter.

ASD RESEARCH. A press release about an upcoming special journal issue on ASD research conveys some of the results of research without having to find or read the actual journal, in this case the Harvard Review of Psychiatry. The press release briefly covers updates on genetics, meds, obesity as related to ASD, GI issues, sensory symptoms, and preparing for college. Find out more.

LD ONLINE's current newsletter focuses on writing, a common issue for twice-exceptional children. Find out whether the newsletter has something of interest to your situation. (The articles are slanted mainly to teachers, but parents can use all the information they can get too, right?) (And -- self-promo alert -- don't forget that we offer a "Spotlight on 2e Series" booklet about writing and the 2e student.)

MORE TO WORRY ABOUT -- six more chemicals, early exposure to which can be dangerous to brain development. Among them: a flame retardant, a dry-cleaning solvent, and an insecticide. Find out more

FOR ADHD FAMILIES -- a short slide-show at ADDitude, "16 Sayings for ADHDers to Live and Laugh By." For example: “Never waste your time trying to explain who you are to people who are committed to misunderstanding you." Find more. 

AND FINALLY, THIS. You know the five-second rule about food touching the floor? Or the two-second rule? Last we heard, neither rule was correct -- if the food hits the floor, it's gonna be germy. But new research claims otherwise. If this is ever an issue in your house, find the research.

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