Saturday, March 15, 2014

From the Publishes of 2e Newsletter

LATER SCHOOL STARTS. The New York Times covered the issue of sleepy adolescents versus early school starts, citing science and examples of how later school starts can help students function well. There are complications with after-school activities being bumped later, but the article paints a positive picture. Find it.

ADHD MEDS. Got a child or young adult who started on ADHD meds in the past few years? You're not alone. Over the years from 2008 to 2012, med use increased about 19% in children. For adults, use increased by 53%, and at a much higher rate in some categories of young-adult females. Find out more.

AND SPEAKING OF ADHD MEDS, has a page with four articles related to the topic. The articles aren't necessarily brand new, but if you're in the discovery phase for these meds, perhaps check them out.

SURVEY PARTICIPATION OPPORTUNITY for educators. A Walden University researcher is seeking K-12 educators in the United States to participate in a research study related to twice exceptionality. On our website is the researcher's invitation letter to prospective participants. We are publicizing this study as a service to the 2e community. Find out more at our website.

SENG CONFERENCE REGISTRATION OPEN. Registration for the 2014 SENG Annual Conference, to be held in San Jose, California, July 18-20, is now open. We plan to participate; it's always nice to meet subscribers and friends at these conferences. For more information, see the SENG site.

ADDITUDE WEBINAR. If you're a Daniel Amen fan, you might be interested in the free webinar he's presenting on behalf of ADDitude. Amen differentiates seven types of ADHD as opposed to three from other practitioners. Find out more.

EDUCATION WEEK is offering a free collection of articles on differentiated instruction. This offer is for a limited time. The publication calls these collections "Spotlights," not to be confused with 2e Newsletter's "Spotlight on 2e Series" of informational booklets. Find out more.

AND SPEAKING OF SPOTLIGHTS -- thanks to everyone who visited our website and purchased booklets last week after receiving our notice of the new booklet in the Spotlight on 2e series, one on dyslexia. The orders kept us pretty busy. As always, feedback from purchasers about the booklets is encouraged.

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