Thursday, March 6, 2014

News, Resources from 2e Newsletter

BRAIN AWARENESS WEEK starts March 10th. Its purpose: to increase public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research. You read about the results of brain research in this blog; to find out more about Brain Awareness Week, go to

NCLD has released its "State of LD" report for 2014, a picture of "how LD plays out across our nation today." You can find that report and other features in the most recent newsletter from NCLD.

GIFTED ED in Virginia is the topic of an article in the Staunton News Leader. It describes what various schools and districts provide to their high-ability students. Find the article.

ADHD WEBINAR. The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation has scheduled a "Meet the Scientist" webinar for Tuesday, March 11, titled "ADHD: Neurodevelopmental Disorder Through the Ages." Sound interesting? Find out more.

LEARNING CHALLENGES AND THEATER. At the site of the Child Mind Institute is an article about how kids of the LD or 2e persuasion can thrive in theater-related activities. In the article, drama teachers comment on how being involved in theater can benefit these kids. Find the article.

FAMILY ROUTINES. Children who regularly sing, play, story-tell and eat dinner with their families tend to have higher social-emotional health (SEH), according to a recent study. Researchers say that children who participate in five family routines are more than twice as likely to have high SEH; and for each additional routine that a parent and child do together, there is an almost 50 percent greater likelihood of having high SEH. Read more.

MANHATTAN OPEN HOUSE. On March 31, the Quad Manhattan will host an open house for those interested in its Quad Prep School or Quad Summer School, both aimed at twice-exceptional kids. Find out more.

PARENT'S TALE. Jo Frietag's Gifted Resources newsletter pointed us to "A Tale of Two Labels," how one school provided great support in one set of circumstances and not much at all in another set. The story has a twist, and yes, it's about twice exceptionality. Find it.

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