Tuesday, April 29, 2014

From the Publishers of 2e Newsletter

AUTISM, ANXIETY. Psychologist Dan Peters has had two pieces recently in Psychology Today dealing with autism and anxiety. On April 7, Peters explained how the nature of ASD can cause anxiety -- not understanding why people get mad at you, not understanding what people want from you, or being easily overwhelmed. Peters offers tips for helping an ASD child experience less anxiety. Find the April 7 piece. On April 24, Peters interviewed Dr. Catharine Alvarez, an autistic advocate, on anxiety and autism. Dr. Alvarez says, "My own experienices with autism and anxity lead me to believe they interact with each other in ways that can be disabling." She prefers the term "autism acceptance" to "autism awareness," and provides insights from her own life into the link between anxiety and autism as a child and as an adult. Find the April 24 interview.

NCLD has posted "5 Ways Dyslexia Can Affect Your Child's Social Life," including trouble finding the right words, trouble with text-based social media, and trouble remembering things accurately. Read more.

CBT FOR YOUNGER OCD KIDS. A recent study indicates that a cognitive behavioral therapy can help children as young as five deal with symptoms of OCD. The treatment is family based, with heavy parent involvement. Read more.

DROPPING IQ SCORES? Is it possible? Wrightslaw, in Special Ed Advocate, gives several reasons why scores may vary from one evaluation to another -- and what you can do to get an accurate picture of your child's abilities. Find Special Ed Advocate.

GI PROBLEMS, ASD. A recent study seems to support parental observations that kids with ASD seem to have a lot of gastrointestinal problems. No cause/effect relationship is implied, just the link. An article at HealthDay.com describes the study; find it.

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