Monday, April 7, 2014

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MENTAL HEALTH ON CAMPUS. According to USA Today, about one in ten college students take advantage of on-campus mental health counseling. Once counselor noted that anxiety is the most common issue for the current generation of students, as opposed to depression in previous generations. Find the article

THE TWICE-BAKED POTATO is the name of a blog by the parent of a twice-exceptional child. A recent post explores "stages of grief" in having to accept that homeschooling is the best alternative for a son who had a "horrendous" year at school. For example: "Today, I am mad. I am mad that a group of supposed 'professionals' couldn’t focus on his strengths or interests. They were determined to make his difficulties and learning differences the target." Sound familiar? Find the blog

NCLD has posted a page explaining four ways in which dysgraphia can affect a child's social life. Is dysgraphia in the picture at your house? Check out the NCLD page

CHICAGO-AREA EVENT. On April 24, author and blogger Jen Merril will present a seminar titled "Finding Humor: Parenting the Twice-exceptional Child." The event is sponsored by the Chicago Gifted Community Center and will be held in the evening in the west suburb of Hinsdale. Find out more

SENG WEBINAR. On April 8 SENG will present an evening "SENGinar" titled "Social-emotional Development of Asian-American Gifted Students." Find out more

DAVIDSON THINK DEADLINE CHANGE. The registration for the Davidson THINK Summer Institute has been extended to April 30. Of the event, Davidson says, "This intense three-week residential summer program offers exceptionally gifted 13- to 16-year-old students the opportunity to earn up to six transferable college credits." Find out more.

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