Friday, April 18, 2014

Resources, News Items from 2e Newsletter

FAIRFAX COUNTY, in Virginia, is making efforts to close an "excellence gap" by identifying and supporting students in groups generally under-represented in gifted programs -- low-income and minority children. The Washington Post tells the story of one of these gifted young people and what she's accomplished. Read more

ASD IN COLLEGE. A publication called eCampus News has an article on the current state of assistance for college students on the spectrum as well as tips for educators on how to best work with these young people. Also in the article: the suggestion that a college campus "may be just the place for students with autism." Find the article

"GIFTED": DITCH THE LABEL? An article in Education Week argues that the gifted label is irrelevant and that the focus should be, instead, on challenging all learners. The authors suggest an alternative to the traditional gifted ed process. They conclude, "By focusing less on the child's label and more on the child's needs, we will better serve those students in our schools who are ready and hungry for greater academic challenges." Read more

PARENTS OF 2e COLLEGE KIDS: A graduate student in Special Education and Transition at The George Washington University would greatly appreciate survey participation from parents of 2e children currently enrolled in college. The researcher is focusing on the utilization and impact of access to tutoring services by college students with learning disabilities. All responses will remain confidential. Since this is a time-sensitive project, surveys should be completed by April 22. The survey consists of 9 questions which will not require more than 7-8 minutes of time. See the survey

ANTIDEPRESSANTS. We know that anxiety and depression are causes of concern for those who raise twice-exceptional children. In an article in The New York Times, a psychiatrist discusses coming off antidepressants -- and how many young people may stay on them for years. Find the article

NCLD. The April newsletter from this organization is out, featuring articles on risky behaviour in teens -- causes, manifestations, and how parents can deal with it. Find the newsletter

GIFTED DEVELOPMENT CENTER. Linda Silverman reflects on how a word choice -- "and" versus "or" -- can make a difference in perceiving and intervening with twice-exceptional children. Read more.

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