Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New, Resources from the Publishers of 2e Newsletter

MEDS FOR TODDLERS. The New York Times reports that "more than 10,000" toddlers are on ADHD meds. Do these diagnoses and prescriptions follow established medical guidelines? Apparently not. The article notes that some experts view hyperactivity and impulsivity as "developmentally appropriate" for toddlers -- something most parents would probably agree with. On the other hand, we guess it's never too early to start our kids on drugs. :-(   Read the article.

SPEAKING OF MEDS -- the Child Mind Institute has posted an article on the use of "off-label" drugs for children. The article discusses the process of FDA approval and gives examples of off-label use for ADHD and depression. Also in the article: questions to ask your health-care professional about off-label use. Find the article.

WE HEAR STORIES about Asperger's being referred to as "engineer's disease." A study at the University of Texas has found that children of fathers who are in technical occupations are more likely to have an autism spectrum disorder. Children of dad engineers were two times more likely to be diagnosed with ASD; kids of financial professionals, four times; and kids of dads who are health care professional, six times. Read more (but not much more) at Science Daily.

SUMMER CAMP. Molly Isaacs-McLeaod, at the SENG site, offers tips for selecting summer camps and activities for gifted children. No specific 2e-related tips, but things to consider none-the-less. Find the tips.

100 WORDS. SENG also has a newsletter feature whereby those in the SENG community offer "100 words of wisdom." 2e Newsletter publisher Linda Neumann is featured in this month's SENG newsletter. Find out what Linda has to say.

2e IN DENMARK. Keep up on news from Denmark at the site of Twice Exceptional Denmark, http://paper.li/2eDansk/1391039263. The page currently points, among other places, to the blog Laughing at Chaos. See for yourself what else is on the page. (Most of it's in English except for this: "Twice Exceptional ie. Gifted with a Diagnoses (henviser til BMSF hvor der er øget kompleksitet pga. diagnose f.eks Ordblind, Autisme, OCD, Tourette. Dermed er børnene Dobbelt Exceptionelle)."

GIFTED EDUCATION PRESS QUARTERLY for the summer is out. Publisher Maurice Fisher presents several articles on various aspects of giftedness. One is by Joan Franklin Smutny, member of the 2e Newsletter Editorial Advisory Board, on a competition for students gifted in the arts, humanities, and creativity. Might that be your 2e child or student? If so, check out that article and others.

STRETCH GOAL? The Oxford Royal Academy hosts summer education programs for students from around the world on the campus of the University of Oxford. While the application process is competitive, there is also financial aid for those from "less affluent backgrounds," according to the Academy. Applications for this summer's programs are still being accepted. Find out more for your child or student -- or just dream about it would have been like to attend when you were young.

AND FINALLY, THIS. We'd be remiss if we didn't pass on this item in the category of "something else to worry about." Worry about school buses. In particular, worry about the windshield washer fluid in those buses. Why? "A form of bacteria responsible for respiratory illness, including the deadly pneumonia known as Legionnaire's disease, may be able to grow in windshield washer fluid and was isolated from nearly 75 percent of school buses tested in one district in Arizona, according to new research." Find out more.

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