Friday, May 9, 2014

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THE CHILD MIND INSTITUTE has a 2e-relevant article on its website, "What We Know about the Long-term Effects of ADHD Medications". The article "is intended to clarify the facts and help you make an informed decision about the risks and benefits of ADHD medication." Find it.

PSYCHOLOGY TODAY has published an article by a 17-year-old young man who describes his five-year battle with OCD and how he used cognitive behavioral therapy to control his obsessions, along with drugs, starting with baby steps called "exposures." This young man had connections to the people at the Child Mind Institute during his treatment, and it was an article there that pointed us to Psychology Today.

THE GIFTED LABEL was the subject of an article in Education Week we blogged about recently, mentioning its premise that need-based services were the crucial thing, not labels. This week Education Week published a rebuttal letter to the editor by Jim Delisle, whose point is simply "No label, no access" [to services]. Delisle calls the position of the original writers "quite naive." Find the letter and pick your side.

EDUTOPIA has a piece on its site called "Uppervention: Meeting the Needs of Gifted [there's that label again] and Talented Students," in which the writer offers strageties for challenging gifted kids. The term uppervention is used instead of intervention. The strategies include recognizing talent, making the uppervention student centered, and more. Find the piece.

CHESTER FINN asks if differentiated instruction is a "hollow promise" doomed to failure because of the unrealistic burdens it places on classroom teachers. He says, “'regular' teachers are tasked with customizing, tailoring, and individualizing their instruction so that administrators and policy types can declare with straight faces that their classrooms are diverse and inclusive and that every child’s singular education needs are being satisfactorily met." And he asks for evidence from readers that differentiated instruction is effective. Got that evidence? Find his request.

ADHD SUMMER CAMP. What is billed as the only program of its kind in Illinois is a seven-week program for children ages 6-12 with ADHD and other behavioral, emotional, and social difficulties. According to the organizers, "The comprehensive, evidence-based program provides a camp environment with a focus on social rewards and positive reinforcement through sports and recreation." Find out more.

SENG WEBINAR. The next SENG webinar is titled "Strategies for Dealing with Emotional Overexcitabilities," to be presented by professional coach Regina Hellinger. The session is described as a "look at the ways that we can be with our emotions, release them in positive ways, and use our intensities to access our greatest gifts and feel our deepest joy and life satisfaction." Find out more

TED TALKS FOR TEACHERS. TED has organized 10 talks on topics such as math, the "school in the cloud," reinventing liberal arts education, and more. Find the listing

LD ONLINE, in its May newsletter, offers ideas for summer learning: summer reading for kids with dyslexia; designing a summer audiobook plan; sports for kids with LDs; and more. Find the newsletter

2e PROVIDER DATABASE. Don't forget our database of service providers to the 2e community. It contains providers nominated by clients and providers who have nominated themselves. The database is at; you may nominate a provider by going to and using 2edb as a username and access77 as a password. If you've had a good experience with a provider, please help out the community by sharing that information. Thanks!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY this Sunday to all you U.S. moms of 2e kiddos! Consider how boring and unengaging your life would be if your child were simply "normal." :-) 

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