Thursday, June 12, 2014

2e Goes to Congress? Plus ADHD, Teen Mental Health, More

2e NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBER RUNNING FOR CONGRESS. Jack Trammell, a professor at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia, is running for the U.S. Congress in Virginia's District 7. Trammel is head of the college's Disability Support Services and had also been the head of the school's honors program. His opponent in the high-profile race is a fellow RMC professor who, in the primary election, just unseated the House Majority Leader. All we could think of when we read the news of Trammell's candidacy was how cool it would be to have someone in Congress who understands the 2e community. Find out more.

BIOLOGICAL BASIS FOR ADULT ADHD. Brain imaging can differentiate adults whose childhood ADHD has remitted from those whose ADHD is still active. The differences were detected in a specific brain communication network by MIT researchers. According to one of the researchers, "This new study suggests that there is a real biological boundary between those two sets of patients." Find out more.

TEEN MENTAL HEALTH. The initial "gatekeeper" into mental health services for teens is often the school psychologist. A study indicates, however, that later service providers often consist of pediatricians or family doctors, not mental health professionals, begging the question of what would happen if school psychologists could better collaborate with mental health professionals to improve care for these teens. Read more.

ONE MORE STUDY: This one indicates that mothers with ADHD are six times more likely to have children diagnosed with ADHD and two-and-a-half times more likely to have children diagnosed with ASD than moms who do not have ADHD. The next step in this line of research: to see if biology is the cause. Read more.

MATH ANXIETY is the topic of an article in Education Week -- specifically, what teachers can do to help alleviate it. The article offers three suggestions, and also has engendered a good discussion by readers. Find the article.

SLEEP DEPRIVATION in teens is a big issue, and a new article at the site of the Child Mind Institute tackles it, covering reasons for the deprivation (biology, technology, homework, etc). What to do about it? That's another matter. The article offers only the idea of earlier school start times, not something likely to happen easily or soon at any school near you. Coming up: another article on the topic examining the consequences and risks for sleep-deprived teens. Read more.

JOB POSTING. NAGC has posted a job opening at Purdue University, where the Department of Educational Studies is looking for an assistant professor in gifted, creative, and talented studies. Is that you? Or do you know someone? Find out more.

BELIN-BLANK CENTER. The organization's most recent newsletter is out. It includes a message from Director Susan Assouline on talent development and how experiences such as those offered by the Center's programs -- including its summer program -- can be "pivotal to the student's development of his or her talent area," in Assouline's words. Also in the newsletter: a description and deadlines of the Belin-Blank summer programs. Find the newsletter.

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