Monday, July 14, 2014

2e, "So Much Potential," Assistive Tech, More

"HE HAS SO MUCH POTENTIAL. If only he tried harder!” That probably sounds familiar to you. The phrase was uttered by a teacher in a story in The Jewish Press about a young man who as a third-grader could use the word "exacerbate" but not write his name on the blackboard. In explaining twice exceptionality, the author offers some tips for teachers on how we can "avoid losing out on the Einsteins of the next generation." Find the article.

2e GRADUATION STORY. Montel Medley, a high school senior with autism, graduated as valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA. At least part of his valedictory speech was on disabilities. Montel was nonverbal at age three and had special treatment or an aide for much of his K-12 career. Find the full story of Montel at the site of the Washington Post.

KEEPING UP ON ASSISTIVE TECH. An article at the site of the National Center for Learning Disabilities lists 14 apps culled from a recent LDCHAT discussion. The tools range from dictation to text to speech to writing aids. Find the list.

ADDITUDE WEBINAR. This organization is presenting "Why ADHDers Are So Sensitive and How to Handle Extreme Emotions" on July 16 at 1 EDT. The webinar is free and presented by Zoe Kessler. Find out more.

SUMMER READING. LD Online offers a variety of ideas to encourage summer reading. Find them.

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