Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to School and More

BACK TO SCHOOL. The words “back to school” were in the headlines of the majority of the press releases we read today as we looked for items worthy of the blog; no releases, however, contained news worthy of passing on. That said, some of the organizations we follow are offering what could be useful information for parents of 2e kids as school resumes in the northern hemisphere:
  • ADDITUDE offers an "IEP/504 Guide," along with three other articles dealing with special ed law and process. Find ADDitude's back-to-school resources
  • LD ONLINE is offering back-to-school tips for parents of children with special needs, tips on organization, communication, IEPs, and more. If you're early in your 2e journey, you might find these tips useful. Go to LD Online
  • NCLD features a free eBook, The IEP Meeting Planner, to help you plan and organize before, during, and after an IEP meeting; find it
BACK HOME FOR CONGRESS. The U.S. Congress is in a five-week recess, and the Council for Exceptional Children suggests that this would be a great time to schedule a local appointment with your representative to turn up the heat for education-related funding that's important to you. The CEC also offers resources for preparing for your meeting. Find out more.

FOLLOW-UP. If you read the New York Times Magazine article on "losing" autism, you might be interested in the author's responses to questions from readers. One question, for example, is about the "recovery rate" in girls as opposed to boys. Find the Q&A.

2e AND OF COLOR? SENG is presenting a webinar on August 21st titled "Look Closer and See the Genius in Me: Dispelling Stereotypes of Gifted Children of Color." From the webinar blurb: "This session will explore positive intellectual, academic, and psycho-social traits of culturally diverse gifted learners as demonstrated in research and personal stories. These stories will serve to dispel negative stereotyping as perpetuated by public media and often school personnel who engage with these students daily." Find out more

SUMMIT CENTER PRESENTATION. The Summit Center in California does lots of work with twice-exceptional children. On September 18th the Center is presenting a session on parenting gifted and twice-exceptional learners, to be held at the Center's Santa Monica offices and hosted by Dan Peters and Melanie Pragaer. Find out more.

DIFFERENT IS THE NEW NORMAL is the title of a documentary about Tourette's featuring Ariel, a young man on the journey to overcome the obstacles of the condition. Find out more about Ariel; find out more about "Different is the New Normal."

PHYSICAL FITNESS: DEPRESSION BEATER? Physically fit sixth-graders -- especially girls -- are less likely to report feeling depressed when they reach seventh grade, according to a study presented at the American Psychological Association’s 122nd Annual Convention. Read more.

AND FINALLY, THIS -- in the category of "something else to worry about." Perchlorate is a commonly used chemical; excessive levels in a mom can negatively affect the IQ of children born to that mom. Read more about the problem. Read more about perchlorates at Wikipedia.

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