Thursday, October 16, 2014

Attention Disorder Spectrum? Plus OCD, Exercise, and 2e Resources

THE ATTENTION DISORDER SPECTRUM? Researchers at two UK universities suggests that there is a spectrum of attention, hyperactivity/impulsiveness, and language function in society, with varying degrees of these impairments associated with clusters of genes linked with the risk for ADHD. So the way we should look at attention problems is not as a disease -- the way it's traditionally been viewed -- but as a spectrum or dimension along which an individual's "scores" might indicate more or less problems with attention, impulsiveness, and so forth. Find out more.

SPEAKING OF ADHD, the Child Mind Institute has on its site a new article titled "How to Help Girls with ADHD," acknowledging that girls face different challenges than boys when it comes to the disorder, and that in girls the disorder might be hidden. Go to the Child Mind Institute site.

OCD. An article in the "Well" section of The New York Times provides an overview of obsessive-compulsive disorder, along with some screening questions for identifying the disorder and some information about treatment. Evidently 60 to 85 percent of patients can achieve significant improvement through treatment. Find the article.

EXERCISE AND COGNITION. We've blogged recently about a couple studies showing a positive link between exercise in young people and enhanced cognitive ability. Also in the "Well" section of the NY Times, a writer elaborates on one of the studies we blogged about, the one involving pre-teens for an hour of vigorous after-school activity. Find the article.

UNDERSTOOD is a new resource for learning and emotional issues; it's sponsored by an alliance of organizations. Webinars and live expert chats will be features of the site, and one upcoming webinar is on October 20 at noon Eastern time. It's titled "Reading Issues and Dyslexia Basics," and will be presented by Linda Reddy, professor of school psychology at Rutgers University. It looks as if Understood will also use Twitter and Facebook to discuss issues. Go to Understood.

EDUCATION WEEK periodically offers "Spotlight" documents, collections of articles from the periodical that center on a particular topic. One Spotlight currently offered for free is "Special Education and the Common Core." If those two forces are in confluence at your house or school, maybe check out and download the Spotlight. (The Education Week Spotlights are different and unrelated to our "Spotlight on 2e Series" of informational booklets.)

WRIGHTSLAW, in its most recent edition of Special Ed Advocate, points out how to use the organization's Yellow Pages for Kids to find local resources for your family to help with issues such as evaluations, advocacy, educational consulting, or counseling. (We often refer readers to the Yellow Pages for Kids to find resources in the readers' geographic areas.) Go to Special Ed Advocate.

GIFTED RESOURCE. Great Potential Press, publisher of materials on giftedness, twice-exceptionality, and social-emotional topics, has established an online forum called "Goodreads." From the invitation to Goodreads: "You want a place bouncing with bright and talented people to talk about books, gifted education, psychology. You want a place to share ideas. We have one." Just launched, the group already has about 80 participants. Find Goodreads.

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