Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2e Household Issues, Male Idiocy, More

2e NEWS. There is none today. Do you know how hard it is to find good news about twice-exceptionalities? Here are the results of a search via Google for news relating to "twice exceptional." That said, here are some items on parenting, exceptionalities, and other issues that can pop up in 2e households...

UNDERSTOOD has on its website a "Parenting Coach" that offers ideas for dealing with challenges in the social, emotional, and behavioral domains. For example, you can select the category "Dealing with Anxiety and Fear," select the child's grade, and click on "get ideas" to see tips on what to do. Find the Coach.

DON'T HAVE ISSUES AT YOUR HOUSE in the social, emotional, or behavioral domain? Then find out how you might get them through the interaction of your child's experiences and genetics. Here's what the researchers concluded: "...variants of three common genes, MAOA, BDNF, and 5-HTTLPR, interacted with each other and with negative environmental factors to increase the risk of delinquency and with a positive environmental factor to decrease the risk of delinquency in a large sample of teenagers." Actually, the journal article title says it better: "Genotypes do not confer risk for delinquency but rather alter susceptibility to positive and negative environmental factors." Find out more

HOW ABOUT ISSUES WITH SLEEP? HealthDay reports that "almost all" teens in the United States are sleep deprived. with potential negative effects on health and academic performance. Is your teen getting 9-10 hours of sleep a night? Didn't think so. Find out more about the problem.

WANT VIRTUAL THERAPY FOR YOUR KID'S ISSUES? It's coming. An article at VB News describes a telemedicine company called Doctors on Demand that is enabling virtual visits with mental health professionals. A prospective counselee can find a licensed therapist, make an appointment, and have a 25- or 50-minute online session for $50 or $95. Find out more. Separately, Medscape included telemedicine as one of their 35 items that made a difference in medicine in 2014; read more.

THE ASSAULT OF PARENTING ADVICE. Andrew Solomon, who has been the subject of blog mentions in the past, has written a long review of a new book on parenting -- or rather on childhood and its "innate nobility." The book is A Country Called Childhood, by Jay Griffiths, an anthropologist, "radical thinker," and, apparently, a rather poetic writer. Solomon concludes, "With bracing purity of intent and spectacular reach, she questions the way we think of and treat children. Her musings might help build a kinder world." Read the review.

LOOKING AHEAD. The publication District Administration has posted a feature on educational advancements to look for in 2015. Among those mentioned are two that would be beneficial to twice-exceptional students -- student-driven learning and greater individual attention. Read the article to find out how that can happen.

AND FINALLY, THIS -- a tongue-in-cheek (we hope) article titled "Study Supports the Theory that Men Are Idiots." This item is based on an article published in the British Medical Journal describing research in England, "an analysis of sex differences in idiotic behavior." Hint: the study involves the Darwin Awards. Read more. Actually, that article title should be, more accurately, "Study Supports the Theory that Most Idiots Are Men."

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