Wednesday, December 31, 2014

ADHD, Screen Time, 2e on the Radio, More

ADHD DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT. The AAP has for over a decade provided its members with guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in young people. A study on how well pediatricians follow those guidelines was just published in the journal Pediatrics. Based on this study, pediatricians are quick to diagnose, quick to medicate, slow to follow up, and neglectful when it came to monitoring response to treatment. Read the article for the guidelines and the study results. Separately, and article in The Guardian examines (again) the issue of whether ADHD is a real brain disorder or simply the "medicalizing" (although they spell it with an "s" instead of a "z" in the UK) of childhood; find the article

SCREEN TIME FOR KIDS. We've blogged about this before. Now NPR has a piece summarizing the stories it's run on screen time during 2014, with surprisingly little definite advice; find it. And a review of existing study on the use of mobile and interactive media by kids says that we need more research; read more. Finally, an article at PsychCentral is titled "How Do Smartphones Affect Child Psychology?" The article notes the inconclusive findings, urges parents to "stay informed" (thanks), and concludes, "one thing all the experts seem to agree on is that moderation is key" (thanks again). Find the article

UNDERSTOOD offers a couple pieces of interest this week. One piece offers advice on what to do when school cuts or denies services, including evaluation or special ed services; find it. Another is a piece by David Fink from his book Thinking Differently. The piece addresses the myth of "just try harder" and includes a happy "chapter" in Fink's early life; find it

JEN THE BLOGGER, in a recent post, tells us that she was part of a panel of interviewees (along with James Webb and Megan Foley Nicpon) for a Radio Health episode on twice-exceptional children -- something all three participants know quite a lot about. You can read about her experience in her blog, or go straight to the podcast. Way to go, gang of three! 

ADDITUDE WEBINAR. ADDitude offers on January 8th a free webinar titled "How ADHD Affects Executive Function in Adults and Kids," scheduled for 1pm Eastern time with Russell Barkley. Find out more

AND FINALLY, THIS. Happy New Year to all of our subscribers and friends!

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