Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Giftedness, Genetics & Interventions, and a Few Resources

RESILIENCE, ENVIRONMENT, AND GENES. Apparently genetic predisposition can determine which kids will benefit from attention and interventions. And some of these genes are also linked to depression or ADHD. From a New York Times opinion piece: "One might even imagine a day when we could genotype all the children in an elementary school to ensure that those who could most benefit from help got the best teachers. Not only because they would improve the most, but also because they would suffer the most from lower quality instruction. The less susceptible — and more resilient — children are more likely to do O.K. no matter what." This is an interesting piece that addresses both practical and ethical issues with such genotyping, but also explains why some kids are less affected by environmental experiences. Find it.

GIFTEDNESS, CREATIVITY, POTENTIAL... are all topics of a GT Chat interview with Scott Barry Kaufman that can serve as a touch-stone for readers regarding their own thoughts on those things. He says he prefers "intelligent testing" to "intellligence testing" and also doesn't think of potential as something that's set in stone. Kaufman is a keynoter at TAGT 2014, coming up shortly in Texas. Read the interview.

GIFTEDNESS alone is the topic of a piece at CrushingTallPoppies.com, which name belies its point of view. In this particular piece the author wonders "why are there people who believe every child is gifted or no child is gifted?" If you've wondered the same thing, find the post.

UNDERSTOOD has a couple new resources on its site. One is "10 Tips to Help Get Your Child Organized," which addresses an issue faced by many 2e households; find it. And the organization is sponsoring a webinar called "IEP in the Trenches," scheduled for December 5 at noon ET; find out more.

FORBES CALLS THIS RESOURCE "Yelp for services aimed at children with special needs." It's a site called "Love My Provider," It's a little like our 2edb.info site -- but with 30,000 provider profiles. We assume that members of the 2e community would need to do due diligence to ascertain provider credentials regarding 2e kids, but 30,000 is a nice pool to start from. On the other hand, be advised that some of the stalwart providers to the 2e community are not included at the moment. In fact, we couldn't even find a listing for attorney Peter Wright of Wrightslaw.com. But find the Forbes article or check out Love My Provider. (If you try this site for real, share with us how it works for you, please.)

ADDITUDE WEBINAR. On December 3rd, ADDitude is hosting a free webinar titled "Signs of Anxiety in ADHD Adults and Kids -- and How to Get Help." It's at 1 ET and features Thomas E Brown, clinical professor of psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine. Find out more.

ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, GUILT -- they all harm the brain. We've pointed previously to one of two recent studies described in an article at the site biosciencetechnology.com, but the article describes how those conditions can affect the brain from preschool on. Read more.

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