Monday, December 29, 2014

Retiring Advocate, Dweck on TED, Common Core, More

TOM HARKIN RETIRES. So what? He's the author of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which, along with IDEA and other legislation, helps protect those with learning disabilities. He's retiring from the U.S. Senate, where he was, according to Disability Scoop, the "strongest ally in Congress" for those with disabilities. Read more.

DWECK ON TED. Carol Dweck recorded a presentation for TED in November, and it's now available. It's titled, "The power of believing that you can improve." Readers of this blog and 2e Newsletter know Dweck as a proponent of the "growth mindset," something relevant for our twice-exceptional young people. Find the TED Talk.

ADHD/LD SCHOOL ACCOMMODATIONS. ADDitude has on its site a 12-step infographic on "how to create, implement, and maintain an IEP or 504 Plan for your child with ADHD or LD." If you think such a plan might be useful, check out the infographic.

COMMON CORE, TESTING -- they're two separate issues, points out the author of an opinion piece in The New York Times. David Kirp provides some background on the emergence of the Common Core standards and the subsquent reaction to the standards and high-stakes testing. Some of the controversy is political ("government overreach," etc) and some of it is practical -- teachers uneasy about being evaluated by test-based "progress" (or lack of it) in their students. If the controversy interests you, check out the opinion piece.

AUTISM, GENES. The diverse symptoms of ASD are apparently caused by hundreds of genes that can mutate affect different types of brain cells, according to a recently published study. Find out more.

DANA FOUNDATION. At the site of the Dana Foundation are three recent articles that might be of interest to those in the 2e community
  • One concerns the "brain-gut axis" in regard to brain development and disease; find it
  • A second article, from October of 2014,is titled "Fear and the Brain, an Introduction"; read it
  • A November article is a report from the annual Aspen Brain Forum, and the topic is the influence of the environment on the developing brain; find it.
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