Saturday, December 20, 2014

Way to Go, Congress! And More...

WAY TO GO, CONGRESS! In an act of almost unimaginable generosity, the U.S. Congress graciously bestowed an extra $5 million on the Javits Gifted Program, bringing its 2015 funding to -- let's see -- why, a whopping total of $10 million! (In 2003, when we started 2e Newsletter, the funding level was $11 million.) And if there are three million gifted kids in the United States, as some sources say -- well, you do the math. Thanks again, Congress. Great job. Now go home. Read more.

TEACHERS VENT. Sometimes parents in the 2e community complain about teachers who don't "get" 2e students. At the site of, someone posted a question, "Teaches of Reddit, what was the strangest encounter you've had with a student's parents." There are lots of great responses. One of our favorites starts this way: "Big dude. Ponytail, biker jacket, Harley rider. Scruffy, looked the type to be in a motorcycle gang. Came into my classroom in my first year of teaching.... It didn't really start well: 'Are you the guy that's teaching my daughter?', he said in that low kinda throaty growl." Find the postings. (FYI, some of the teachers are a little "free" with their language.)

JEN THE BLOGGER has posted some quotes from her family's interactions over the past few months. Reminded us of our kids growing up -- and might remind you of conversations you've had with your 2e kids. Find the post.


LD IN COLLEGE. An article at THE Journal notes that while 87 percent of K-12 students with LDs get some kind of support, only 19 percent of those students will get supports at the college level. Read this article on the transition to college for kids with LDs.

TOURETTE'S is the topic of several videos posted at the site of the Child Mind Institute. In them, Dr. Barbara Coffey addresses topics such as comorbidities, specifically Tourette's/ADHD and Tourette's/OCD. Find the videos.

WILLFULNESS? ODD? ADDitude offers a 15-question screening tool to help parents identify possible Oppositional Defiant Disorder in their children. Find the tool.

APPROACHING 2015, and we're starting to see articles with titles such as "Make 2015 a Year of Learning." This particular article, however, offers 10 tips for parents of young children, tips that can help kids learn. Chances are you engage in many of these behaviors already -- like conversing with your child over dinner about his or her day -- but maybe there are some you can add to your repertoire in dealing with that bright youngster you have. Read the tips.

ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH CARE. So many kids, so many problems, so little resources. An article at gives some of the reasons adolescents might not get appropriate attention for mental health issues, but also points to techniques that work. Interestingly, the article defines "adolescence" as stretching from 10 to 24, acknowledging the ever-changing brains of these young people. Find the article.

STIMULANT ADHD MEDS can, along with their cognitive effects, result in lower injury rates in children with ADHD. A study showed that kids on stimulants were less likely to wind up in the emergency room when they were taking the medications than when they were off them. The study refrained from drawing a causal connection, however. Find out more.

CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION FOR THE GIFTED. The December newsletter of this organization is out, and it includes a summary of legislative news relating to California and education (the USC scored a $300K Javits grant!). Also included, a preview of the February annual conference; and an article on the "impostor syndrome." Find the newsletter.

AND FINALLY, THIS -- just in times for the holidays. "Hugs help protect against stress, infection, say researchers." Researchers tested that hypothesis and found that greater social support and more frequent hugs protected people from the increased susceptibility to infection associated with being stressed and resulted in less severe illness symptoms. So there. Read more. And go hug a stressed 2e kid (or parent) (or educator).

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