Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dyslexia Myths, Homeschool Regulation, More

DYSLEXIA MYTHS. A doctoral student at the Harvard Graduate School of Education has posted a blog entry at the Huffington Post debunking four myths about dyslexia -- for example, that dyslexia is a "phase" that children grow out of. One of the myths the writer takes on, however, might seem to put her at odds with how some professionals see dyslexia -- eg, as an advantage. Find the myths.

HOMESCHOOLERS: ARE YOU REGULATED? Depends on where you live, according to an article in The New York Times; some states regulate homeschooling more strictly than others. Regulation can include matters such as registering with the school district or a state agency; participating in standardized testing; or following certain curricular requirements. Perhaps two million students are homschooled in t he U.S., among them twice-exceptional students whose needs were not being served by public or private schools. Find out more about the case for and against regulation.

TOP OF THE CHARTS AT ADDITUDE. ADDitude featured its top article of 2014 recently, one titled "Why ADHDers Act the Way We Do," by William Dodson, M.D. It's from an adult perspective -- but might help your teen ADHDer realize that he/she is not alone. Find the article.

ALSO HARKING BACK TO 2014 is David Rabiner, who has posted all of his monthly study reviews from last year onto a page at his website. Among the studies reviewed was one recently published in Pediatrics about how well pediatricians follow AAP guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD; we blogged about that study on December 31. Find Rabiner's reviews.

SENGINAR. The organization SENG offers a webinar on January 15th presented by James Webb and titled "10 Key Parenting Issues." Among the issues to be discussed in the context of parenting gifted kids will be motivation and underachievement, along with misdiagnosis and dual diagnosis. Find out more.

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