Monday, January 19, 2015

Myths (Again), Rebranding Bedtime, Being Dweckian, More

ON A ROLL WITH MYTHS. Over the past month we've posted items debunking dyslexia myths, gifted myths, and gifted ed myths. Now at the site of the Dana Foundation is a briefing paper titled "When the Myth Is the Message: Neuromyths and Education." Four myths are addressed, and we're betting you know them all. But do you believe them? Some of them are things that we as parents find hard not to take for granted. For example, there's the "sugar and hyperactvity" myth. Read more.

TROUBLE FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS -- is that a problem for any of the children in your house or classroom? A primer-level article on LDs at notes that trouble following directions can be one of eight common warning signs of a learning disability. The article points to as a resource, and offers some tips for treatment. One interesting observation is that special ed techniques have led to success over time in preventing school drop-outs, but that the drop-out rate still varies widely by state. Find the article.

UNDERSTOOD. As just mentioned, this site offers LD resources, which you know if you've been following this blog for any length of time. Now Understood has introduced an "Action Center." Under the current "Take Action Today" headline is an invitation to take a survey about health insurance and your children's needs; to tell Congress (sigh) to support a bill to fully fund IDEA; and to sign a petition urging that funding. Go to the Action Center.

"SELLING" BEDTIME. We've blogged about the importance of good sleep habits. A therapist/blogger at The New York Times puts a new twist on the way we try to move our kids toward bedtime. She offers ways to "rebrand" sleep to get more buy-in an cooperation. Read more.

PARENT GETS DWECKIAN ON PRAISE. Writing at the site of the Washtinton Post, a parent and psychologist offers her take on praise (and seemingly gratuitous trophies) for kids. She acknowledges the parental reflex to praise, but also offers an alternative. From the blog: "So, this year, I am vowing that I won’t let praise replace presence." Find the blog and find out what she means by "presence."

ADDITUDE. At this site, Russell Barkley offers a list of seven executive function deficits tied to ADHD. Can't think of seven? Neither could we. Find the list.

ONTARIO GIFTED CONFERENCE. The Association for Bright Children of Ontario is holding its 2015 conference on February 20-21 in Toronto. The keynote speaker is Jean Sunde Peterson, multi-careered practitioner in the field of giftedness. The theme of the conference: mental health and wellness. Find out more.

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