Tuesday, February 3, 2015

ADHD Meds, Sleep, Nutrition, Bad Nutrition, Good Books, and More

ADHD DRUGS AND THE BRAIN. Are stimulant ADHD meds "neuroprotective"? Do they "normalize" the brain so that over time the minds of ADHDers work like neurotypical minds? Some doctors now say so; others are skeptical. If ADHD is an issue with your 2e child, this discussion could be important. Find out more.

SLEEP. The National Sleep Foundation has issued new recommendations for the amount of sleep those of us in different age brackets should get. Of note is that the suggested range for teenagers is now 8-10 hours rather than 8.5 to 9.5. And you? Chances are your sleep range is unchanged, at 7-9 hours. Find out more (and be jealous of newborns).

NUTRITION is a factor in mental health, says a new study published in The Lancet Psychiatry. A write-up on the study at PsychCentral says, "Given the early age of onset for depression and anxiety, the information points to dietary improvements as a way of preventing the initial onset of common mental disorders." You know what what we always say about anxiety, depression, and 2e kids. Read more.

PARTNERING WITH TEACHER. An article at Understood tells why it's important to work with your child's teacher and have good communication. Find out why and how at the site of Understood.

PARTNERING WITH EVALUATORS. At Wrightslaw, in Special Ed Advocate, you can read tips for avoiding mistakes that evaluators might make which could undermine your credibility with school. The article series also covers mistakes made by parents and by educators. Find Special Ed Advocate.

BOOKS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. The American Library Association has announced its "2015 youth media award winners," including the Caldecott, Coretta Scott King, Newbery, and Printz awards. Got a reader in the house? Find out more.

AND FINALLY, THIS -- BAD NUTRITION. MedicalDaily.com ran a Super Bowl-related piece estimating that "the average American will eat more than 6,000 calories by the end of [that] day," although hopefully your child didn't achieve that number (think beer and wine). That's like three times the average daily caloric intake, and evidently even more than Thanksgiving numbers. This January 29th posting even offered 10 healthy snack options. Read more, now that it's too late.

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