Friday, March 27, 2015

Another Step Forward, Common Core, ADHD, and Name that Book!

ONE MORE STEP FORWARD. Every news article about twice exceptionality is a step forward for the 2e community, and the latest article appears at the site Science 2.0, explaining to readers that yes, you can be gifted and LD at the same time. The article says "current U.S. research suggests that 14 percent who are identified as being intellectually gifted may also have a learning disability." Interestingly, the article seems to imply that only 4 percent of kids in the general population have an LD, a figure we think is probably way low. The article covers identifying 2e students, the consequences of not being recognized, and what needs to be done. Find the article

COMMON CORE. U.S. News points out some of the disparity between fact and rhetoric when it comes to political statements about Common Core. For example: do we need to "repeal every word of Common Core"? Is it really a federal law? If you're confused about -- or just tired of -- politically-inspired assertions about Common Core, check out the article. Disclaimer: the politicians whose assertions are fact-checked in this article are Republican presidential aspirants; if there was more than one Democratic aspirant, we'd probably be reading fact-checks on those as well. 

2e: TWICE-EXCEPTIONAL, the movie -- the world tour continues. Filmmaker Tom Ropelewski notes that the documentary will be screened at the Silver Springs International Film Festival in Ocala, Florida, on April 9th; find out more. The next screening currently scheduled after that is at Arete Academy, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, on June 6th; find out more

JACK KENT COOKE GRANTS. In recognition of the many barriers facing high-performing, low-income students interested science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation has awarded $1,632,598 in STEM-focused educational grants. Recipients include the New York Academy of Sciences, Duke University TIP, Purdue University, the College of William and Mary,and others. Read more

ADHD CARE should be collaborative and "family centered," according to researchers. Collaborative care may vary depending on the amount of time care managers spend training parents and interacting with families. One goal is to reduce "coercive parenting," something none of us in the 2e community surely have never been guilty of. :-(  Read more about collaborative ADHD care. 

ANXIETY AND MINDFULNESS are the topics of a new interview at the site of the Child Mind Institute -- how being in the present can reduce anxiety that comes from thinking of the past and future, how mindfulness is not so much a ritual but a habit incorporated into daily life, and how you can model mindfulness to your children. The interviewee points out, by the way, that children are by their very nature focused on the moment and "mindful," and how "we sort of beat that out of them" as they get older. Find the interview

THE RISE IN IQ. We wrote recently about how aggregate IQ scores tend to increase over time, which some call the "Flynn Effect." Now researchers say that it might be simply more schooling and more rigorous curricula that cause the change. This would contradict what's been called the "dumbing down" of American schools. Wondering about this? Check out a write-up of the research. 

BRAINWORKS, the Carrolton, Texas, educational center that has been working with twice-exceptional kids since before there was a term "twice exceptional," is holding its 30th summer camp for 2e kids, with sessions in June, July, and August. In the geographic area? Check it out. In addition, Brainworks founder Carla Crutsinger has posted a video on twice-exceptionality and the work that Brainworks does; find it.

STUDIES ON ADHD, WORKING MEMORY. The journal PLOS One has three studies right now relating to ADHD or working memory for you to peruse:
  • Baseline Omega-3 Index Correlates with Aggressive and Attention Deficit Disorder Behaviours in Adult Prisoners; find it
  • Benefits of a Working Memory Training Program for Inattention in Daily Life: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis; find it
  • Measurement of the Effect of Physical Exercise on the Concentration of Individuals with ADHD; find it.
PLUS MORE ITEMS that we're out of time for right now. Read them in next week's briefing!

AND FINALLY, THIS. Gifted Potential Press is publishing a book about gifted adults, and James Webb is soliciting input on the book's title. You can choose from one of the prospective titles listed at GPP's site or suggest one of your own. So, O Gifted Adult, what would you call a book about yourself? Participate.

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