Thursday, March 12, 2015

Aspie Enterpreneur, Overvalued Kids, Severe Media Control

"COMING OUT" WITH ASPERGER'S. A California entrepreneur, already wealthy, was first diagnosed at age 38 with Asperger's by a therapist who evidently took all of 30 minutes to make the diagnosis. He knew he was unusual; so did his friends. But after he got the label he said, "It was like I was born again," according to Disability Scoop. His is an interesting story, especially for those who think that things like money, an ocean-front house in Malibu, and surfing automatically would make you happy. Find the story.

OVERVALUED KIDS. A new study kicked off a slew of articles in publications like The Washington Post and The New York Times on the topic of parenting, specifically on the topic of how parents who overvalue their children tend to get narcissistic kids in return. This, says one of the study authors says, "may not be good for [the kids] or society." This comes back to the issue of praise and its overuse, something we've covered here before. A writer in The Washington Post discusses the study and then offers ways to "keep narcissism at bay"; read more. The "Motherlode" blog at the NY Times site also addresses the problem and has a pointer to an online test where you can see whether you overvalue your kid; find it.

A COUNTERPOINT to the item above: "grit" seems to be the key to success and happiness. Protection from failure evidently makes kids less likely to persevere and more likely to feel overwhelmed. One subject matter expert says, "This is not a gritty generation." An article in The Washington Post "On Parenting" section offers suggestions for imparting grit; find it.

AUTISM RISK GENES are also linked to higher intelligence, according to a new study. The research team notes that while most autistic people have an intellectual disability, some on the spectrum have "relatively well-preserved, or even higher than average, non-verbal intelligence." Read more.

TOURETTE'S AND CO-MORBIDITIES. Nearly 86 percent of patients who seek treatment for Tourette Syndrome will be diagnosed with a second psychiatric disorder during their lifetimes, and nearly 58 percent will receive two or more such diagnoses. This according to research at the University of California/San Francisco and Massachusetts General Hospital. The researchers noted that mood orders appear earlier in patients with Tourette's, and that the co-morbidities share some genetic relationships. Find the press release from UCSF.

CHILD MIND INSTITUTE. New at this site is an article on "what ADHD looks like in the classroom, and how it might be confused with other things that could be influencing a child's behavior." The article covers ADHD symptoms, which we're all expert at; age, prospective "other factors," and gender; and other red flags. Find the article.

SENG has an upcoming SENGinar on how marriage difficulties can affect gifted children. Find out more. SENG has also posted some information about this summer's annual conference, to be held in Denver on July 24-26 -- this time with pre-conference continuing education workshops on a variety of topics. See the conference page.

AND FINALLY, THIS -- MEDIA CONTROL, funny and not so funny. Ever gotten so frustrated with TV content that you wanted to throw something at the TV? Ever gotten exasperated with the programs your kids watch? A mom in Algonquin, Illinois, really didn't like a program her kids watch -- so she took a 22-caliber rifle and fired three bullets into the TV. That's the funny part. The not-so-funny part is that the kids were watching at the time. She is charged with a variety of offenses, including child endangerment. Read more.

LOTS MORE ITEMS aren't included here. Check the mid-March E2e Briefing for those -- mis-use of ADHD meds in college, more autism items, several seratonin-related items, more. 

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