Thursday, April 2, 2015

Aspie Seeks Love, Drugs 2 You, NVLD, More

ASPIE SEEKS LOVE is the title of a documentary about a young man with Asperger's who is interested in finding a meaningful relationship. A respectful filmmaker captures about 100 hours of the young man's efforts over the course of three years. The resulting film is a prize winner. The filmmaker describes what the film came to be: "It’s a story about…his quest to learn about his own identity and to learn to be in the world with other people, to not sacrifice who he is to connect and find love.” Read more at Disability Scoop.

WHY YOUR KID MIGHT BE PRESCRIBED CERTAIN DRUGS. Publication bias. Apparently studies with positive outcomes -- eg, this drug seems to work -- are more than five times more likely to be published than studies with negative outcomes. "Outcome bias" and "spin" are also involved in the process that lets doctors know what drugs are out there that might -- or might not -- be useful to treat conditions such as your child's anxiety. Read more.

THE CHILD MIND INSTITUTE has a new article at its site on nonverbal learning disorders, describing how one apparently successful preparatory school approaches the problem. Covered are: assessing deficits; teaching the missing skills; using scripts; social learning; and more. Find the article.

GIFTED, THE GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS. A blogger at wonders what the future holds for her precocious son. He gets enrichment. Seems well-rounded. Find out what she worries about.

OCD AND BRAIN NETWORKS. Using brain imaging, researches have found that communication between some of the brain's most important centers is altered in children with obsessive-compulsive disorder. A researcher is quoted: "Children with OCD are beset by preoccupations and can't easily move on from certain tasks and behaviors. As all complex behavior arises from brain networks, being trapped in this mode must arise from impaired brain network interactions in OCD." Read more.

DONT FORGET the Davidson Institutes database of articles and resources on gifted (and 2e) topics. Find the database.

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