Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Acceleration, Depression, Giftedness, and The Little Prince

BLOGGING ON 2e. An anonymous writer at the site of the Institute for Educational Advancement did a piece that was included in Hoagies' recent "blog hop" on twice exceptionality. Titled "Beneath the Surface: Twice-exceptional Students," the piece uses, among other references, a couple quotes from The Little Prince to help explain 2e, including one of our favorite quotes from de Saint-Exupery, "... It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” (Right, parents of 2e kids?)  Find the blog.

"2e: TWICE EXCEPTIONAL," the documentary, comes to Bethesda Maryland, this October 13 thanks to the sponsorship of the organizations With Understanding Comes Calm and Weinfeld Education Group. The screening will be at ArcLight Cinema; tickets are priced at $8.50. Find out more.

MORE ON ACCELERATION. An expert on gifted education is featured in an article at ChicagoNow.com. In it, Katie McClarty discussed a longitudinal study she conducted on the effects of grade skipping, finding many positive benefits. The caveat: parents evidently must keep close tabs on student needs year by year. Read more.

TALKING ABOUT DEPRESSION. The Washington Post, in its On Parenting department, has an article titled "How to Talk to Your Teen about Depression, Suicide." It's not a pleasant topic, but depression and anxiety do plague 2e young people. If yours shows signs of depression, maybe check out the article.

ACADEMICS IN KINDERGARTEN? Hold on, says a bunch of stakeholders -- it might not have a beneficial effect and might even slow cognitive development. Find out why the trend to early academics has detractors.

ADHD: 1 IN 10. That's the current news -- the Centers for Disease Control have reported a one-in-ten rate of ADHD diagnosis in children. The spin? The rate is unchanged since 2007. Read more.

TALKING TO THE PEDIATRICIAN ABOUT KIDS' BEHAVIOR ISSUES. Most parents don't do it, partly because they don't believe tantrums, or anxiety, or concentration is a medical problem. Depression is apparently an exception to the rule. Read more at the site of Michigan Radio or see the University of Michigan press release on the study.

DAVIDSON INSTITUTE. This organization's May eNews-Update is out, featuring news of the Intel Science Fair; a Jack Kent Cooke report on gifted, low-income students; Davidson Academy's inclusion on a list of "most challenging high schools"; and a variety of Davidson news. Find the newsletter.

GIFTED EDUCATION PRESS QUARTERLY. The summer edition of this publication is out. One item that might be of interest is a seven-plus-page article on differentiation by Sally Reis and Josephy Renzulli. Find GEPQ.

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