Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dyslexia and Vision, Summer Camp, SPD, Parenting

DYSLEXIA, VISION PROBLEMS -- no link? A recent study, the results of which will be published in the journal Pediatrics, indicates that most children with dyslexia have normal vision. An ophthalmologist commenting on the study at DoctorsLounge.com said, "...there is really no connection between any ophthalmological disorder and dyslexia." (Quick: close your eyes and spell ophthalmological.) The researchers who did the study say that eye training and vision therapy are of no help in treating dyslexia. Read more.

SUMMER CAMP might be coming up for your gifted child. An alum of the Johns Hopkins CTY summer camp reminisces about his summers there: discovering others like him, discovering there were others lots smarter than him, and finding that his life after first attending "basically consisted of going to CTY in the summer, and then waiting eleven months to go back to CTY, where I would experience the magic all over again." The writer, now a financial/investment consultant, expands his riff into the power of a bunch of smart people all working for the same company. But before he drifts off topic he writes, "The one thing I’ve learned in my career is that you do not short gifted and talented camps. Ever." Read more. (Alums of other summer camps for the gifted: Comments?)

UNDERSTOOD has posted a nine-minute primer on sensory processing disorder, narrated by a young man (really young) who has it. Find it.

UNDERSTANDING TODDLERS. For all you parents who have already been through "toddlerhood" but might face another round, an article at the site of The Washington Post offers five tips for understanding them and helping them thrive. The advice includes avoiding "overcorrecting, criticizing, and trying to tame erratic behavior." The tips include: stay close even when it's hard; you're in charge; be consistent; be realistic; and accept your child for who she is." Find the article.

MORE ON PARENTING. If you've been following the story of the Maryland parents who believe in raising "free range kids" but ran afoul of the law and child protection services, be advised that the parents have been cleared of child neglect, in one case anyway. Still pending: a similar charge resulting from a second incident in which their children walked home alone from a park. Read more.

PARENTING IN THE MILITARY. Wrightslaw's Memorial Day issue of Special Ed Advocate is devoted to information for military families who may be facing transfers and moves this summer. If that's you, check it out.

FOLLOW-UP. If you read the dust-up between Jen the Blogger and the Today Show, you might be interested to know that Jen has posted a rehash of the dialog in a new post. Her almost-final line: "So to recap…gifted is. Keep the conversation going, and keep it civil. I’ll keep advocating for gifted kids and their parents, and I hope you join me." Find the blog.

SENG. The deadline for the early-bird registration for this July's conference in Colorado is May 31. Be advised. (It's a good conference; we recommend it.) Learn more.

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