Thursday, May 7, 2015

U.S. D.O.E. 2e Letter; 2e Blog Hop; More

GO, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION. According to Disability Scoop, the U.S. Department of Education has reminded state directors of special ed that twice-exception children must be evaluated and served under IDEA. The letter refers to 2e kids as "children with disabilities with high cognition." Disability Scoop puts quotes around term "twice exceptional" (it's not real?), but that's okay, we'll take what we can get. You can find the "Dear Colleague" letter here. And psychologist Dan Peters, who evidently reads, interprets, reasons, and writes much faster than we do, has already done a great blog posting at Huffington Post in response to the OSEP "dear colleague" letter; find it.

HOAGIES' GIFTED has posted a "blog hop" on the topic of 2e kids. The 15 blogs listed come from a variety of sources and address a variety of topics. Find the blog hop.

THE CHILD MIND INSTITUTE offers a new article title "Tips for Beating Test Anxiety." Kids with "e's" can be especially prone to test anxiety, based on past, stressful experience. The article offers strategies for better studying, test-taking, and "finding sucess." Read more.

UNDERSTOOD currently offers on its website an piece titled "Classroom Accommodations to Help Students with Executive Functioning Issues." Find it.

DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH, by the Weinfeld Education Group, is scheduled this year for Sunday, September 26, in Rockville, Maryland; registration is now open. It's for families of kids with special needs. Some of the sessions might be of interest to families with 2e kids. Find out more.

GIFTED HOMESCHOOLERS FORUM offers online resources -- courseware -- for families who choose to homeschool. The organization has just announced enhancements for the coming school year. Find out more.

WRIGHTSLAW, in the current Special Ed Advocate, stresses the advantages of being a strong parent advocate for your child in IEP meetings. Wrightslaw\s says that in this issue of its newsletter "you will learn the law and regulations about your rights and parental role in the IEP process. Learn how to be an effective parent advocate or get tips for hiring a lay advocate of your choice." Need to be a better advocate? Find out more.

BRAIN AND BEHAVIOR RESEARCH FOUNDATION. This organization has posted two articles which might be of interest to parents and educators of twice-exceptional children. One discusses how activity levels in the receptors for serotonin might affect impulsivity and aggression; find it. The other is a review of a recent study of genetics and cognition. It starts off, "In people who do not have autism, genetic variations that increase the risk of autism spectrum disorders appear to confer a small boost in cognitive abilities." Find the article.

AND FINALLY, THIS. We scan lots of news and press releases looking for items for this blog, and run into some pretty amazing stuff. We nominate the following press release heading as our Title of the Week: "5-aminolevulinic Acid Trial to Correlate Intraoperative Fluorescence Intensity with Histologic Cellularity." Want to read the release? Go here. Then tell us what it's about.

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