Saturday, June 20, 2015

2e School, History of Autism, SPD, More

2e SCHOOL IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA. A school called Big Minds has been in operation in the East Bay area of San Francisco for six years, according to an article at the website of the Contra Costa Times. The school, which currently serves 12 students between the ages of 8 and 11, was founded by a school teacher whose own children were -- surprise! -- twice exceptional. Find out more. In a related story, the school has won an award from Comcast called "Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs," one of six business recognized for "putting technology into action to grow their business and enhance profitability." The award includes cash ($30,000) and consulting services. Read more.

GIFTED ED IN MISSOURI. A recent article in The Missourian gives a fairly comprehensive look at the state of gifted ed in Missouri, including budget challenges and governance. The information is wrapped around a profile of one apparently gifted gifted ed teacher, who has a degree in special education with an emphasis in gifted education. Also mentioned briefly: how the state is trying to include more minority and twice-exceptional students in gifted programs. Find the article.

AUTISM PERSPECTIVE. A TED talk titled "The forgotten history of autism" was recorded earlier this year. The TED blurb for the talk says, " really understand [autism], we have to go back further to an Austrian doctor by the name of Hans Asperger, who published a pioneering paper in 1944. Because it was buried in time, autism has been shrouded in misunderstanding ever since." Find the talk.

GOT SPD AT YOUR HOUSE? You might appreciate a guest blog on that topic at the site of the Child Mind Institute. It's by the creator of the SPD blog "Putting Socks on Chickens." In the guest post, she relates the story of her family's discovery of their son's sensory processing disorder, which manifested in behavior that was often violent and aggressive. Find the guest post.

CONCUSSION, DEPRESSION, ANXIETY. Depression or anxiety that is caused by mild traumatic brain injury shows up as a distinct pattern in brain scans as decreased connectivity in certain areas. A researcher is quoted as saying, "The regions injured in concussion patients with depression were very similar to those of people with non-traumatic major depression disorder. This suggests there may be similar mechanisms to non-trauma and trauma-dependent depression that may help guide treatment." Read more.

DISAGREEABLE TEENS is the topic of a recent NPR program, and before we could even make a joke about "oxymoron" the program participants beat us to it. "I would think that being disagreeable is actually part of being a teenager," jokes one participant. It seems that disagreeable teens can turn into disagreeable adults who fail to recognize the causes of the difficulties they may experience in their relationships. Find the program.

GREEN SPACE -- GOOD FOR KIDS, even at school. That's what new research indicates, although questions remain about whether the link is causal or not. But we know it is, right? And this article can give you a basis for advocating for more trees, shrubs, and grass at school.

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