Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Quad Prep, Summer Learning, Cat Videos, and More

ARE YOU A QUAD PREP FAN? Kim Busi, founder of the Quad Preparatory School in Manhattan, a school devoted to twice-exceptional students, is featured in the alumni magazine of her alma mater, Brown University. Busi is an M.D. who left an appointment in psychiatry at a New York med school to do what many parents of twice-exceptional kids do -- make a difference for her child and others' children. Find the profile.

JUNE IS, among other things, Tourette Syndrome Month, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The website of the CDC has a feature on Tourette's that includes information about the condition, about the Tourette Association, and about what can be done to help by families, peers, educators, and healthcare professionals. Find the feature.

SUMMER LEARNING. The organization EdX suggests using free online courses to stimulate that young person who is on summer vacation. EdX will offer more than 60 courses from top institutions in core subjects such as math, science, and language as well as skills-based courses in software development, computer science and innovation. In addition, select courses will be offered to help high school students with their AP exams and college admissions efforts. EdX is a nonprofit online learning initiative founded by Harvard and MIT. Find out more.

GOT A GIFTED UNDERACHIEVER? You might be interested in the SENG webinar on that topic scheduled for the evening of June 18th for $40. The event's blurb says, "we will look at the kids - and at the long term implications of being a gifted 'underachiever.'" Find out more.

SAN DIEGO ASD CLINICAL TRIAL. The UC/San Diego is looking for 20 boys aged 4-17 with ASD for a phase 1 clinical trial to test the effects of a drug that called suramin. According to researchers at the school, a single injection of this drug reversed symptoms of ASD in mouse models. Lots of conditions and caveats apply. Find out more.

SPOTLIGHT ON 2e SERIES BOOKLETS. We got a call from a school district the other day that reminded us that summer could be a good time to restock that supply of Spotlight on 2e Series booklets at a low price. Orders of 10 or more booklets (any mix) always qualify for a price of $10 per booklet, plus shipping. Find out more about the booklets and email us with questions about the booklets or about ordering.

SOMETHING ELSE TO WORRY ABOUT. The headline on a Washington Post story says, "Half of all basic life science research is seriously flawed." The research they're referring to is fundamental. As an example of that, the article says, "Years ago, before anyone tested the medications on mice or people, scientists somewhere did the basic research that led to the understandings that led to [a] breakthrough." Irreproducible results based on flawed research can lead to missed or delayed discoveries, at the very least. And research errors and mistakes can also cost taxpayers lots of money, according to the article. Read more.

AND FINALLY, THIS. University researchers have turned their attention to the effects on people of -- Internet cat videos. The result? Watching cat videos does more than simply entertain; it boosts viewers' energy and positive emotions and decreases negative feelings, according to a new study by an Indiana University Media School researcher. In case you need to find such videos, the study write-up also lists the most popular sites. Read more, and then wonder whether 1) this falls into the category of "basic life science research" (see above) or 2) if it was taxpayer funded.

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