Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Edification, Gifted Ed in PA, ESEA, CCSS, More

TIME FOR SUMMER SCHOOL? For you, that is? If you've never gotten around to an organized learning experience about advocating for your child, Wrightslaw's Summer School might be an opportunity for you. This year's six-part session is starting now. Wrightslaw promises, "You'll learn how to plan and prepare to be an effective advocate, and find out where to go to get the information you need." Find out more.

OR, DO 2e ON YOUR OWN. There are lots of Internet videos available on the topic of twice exceptionality. We can't vouch for the credibility of all of them, but some of them are ours, and some of them are by experts such as psychologist Dan Peters. Find the results of a Google search for 2e videos. Your video "book" report will be due at the end of the summer.

FIRST GIFTED SCHOOL IN PENNSYLVANIA. According to NewsWorks.org, the state of Pennsylvania this fall will get its first school dedicated to gifted students. The private, non-profit Grayson School will open as a K-6 school in Broomall. Read more.

FOLLOWING THE ESEA REWRITE? Education Week has a write-up of the current situation, purportedly negatively impacted by trade bill activity. (Congress evidently has a hard time doing even one thing at a time right, much less two.) Find the write-up.

FOLLOWING COMMON CORE? Disgruntled stakeholders in the education system in North Dakota are part of a suit to keep the state from implementing Common Core standards, claiming that implementation "is unconstitutional and violates several federal laws that prohibit federal control of our public schools and their curriculum." Interestingly, the suit is being powered by a Michigan "public interest" non-profit, the Thomas Moore Law Center, along with a law firm from Missouri. Read more.

GOT A KID WHO SHADES THE TRUTH? That kid probably has better verbal working memory and thinking skills, if a study from the University of Sheffield has veracity. Evidently the correlation did not extend to visual-spatial working memory skills. Read more at the site of MedicalDaily.com.

AND FINALLY THESE ITEMS on exercise, creativity, and nutrition.
  • Teens and exercise -- short bouts of intense activity have a better effect on blood sugar, blood pressure, etc, than moderate activity. Read more
  • Walking improves creativity. Find out more
  • Two hours of sitting cancels 20 minutes of exercise. Read more
  • You should stand for at least two to four hours a day. Read more
  • High-fat and high-sugar diets cause changes in gut bacteria that appear related to a significant loss of "cognitive flexibility," or the power to adapt and adjust to changing situations. Find out more
What to do about all this? Well, don't take it sitting down, that's for sure.

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