Friday, July 3, 2015

Gifted Creativity, Impulsive Disorganization, Antipsychotic Medication, and More

NAGC AND PHP. If you've never read an issue of NAGC's magazine Parenting for High Potential, the organization has made a recent issue freely available to non-members. The focus of the issue is "celebrating creativity." Among the articles are one by 2e Newsletter columnist Sylvia Rimm on creative underachievers, and another co-authored by Joan Franklin Smutny of our Editorial Advisory Board. Find the issue.

A LITTLE LIFT FOR A 2e SCHOOL. When Leah Brzezinski held a fundraiser recently for her one-year-old school for the twice exceptional, Arete Academy (, it didn't hurt to have a family connection to make the event something out of the ordinary. Would that all 2e schools had some such angle. Way to go, Leah! Read more.

THE FEDS, COLLEGE, AND LDS. According to Disability Scoop, the U.S. Department of Education will fund a new program, the National Center for Information and Technical Support for Postsecondary Students With Disabilities. The goal: to help students and their families understand their rights under ADA and Section 504. Find the Disability Scoop article, which includes a link to a Federal site with additional information.

YOU'VE GOT UNDER TWO WEEKS to possibly win free registration for the upcoming SENG conference in Denver on July 224-26 -- and you can do it with 50 words or less by submitting your personal testimonial of what SENG means to you or what you most want to learn about parenting a gifted child. Find out more.

THE IMPULSIVE, DISORGANIZED CHILD -- sound like yours? It's actually the title of a book from Prufrock Press. Lisa Conrad, who did a review of the book prior to its publication, says she was impressed enough to interview the authors on her blog, "Gifted Parenting Support." For starters, apparently both authors raised boys with executive function issues. Find the interview. (Thanks to Jo Freitag for pointing to this link in her Gifted Resources Newsletter.)

IT'S SUMMER, and the website Understood offers three features on its (current) home page that might help parents deal with summer learning, med breaks, and taking a break yourself. Go to Understood.

ANTIPSYCHOTIC USE IN KIDS. For the period from 2006 through 2010, antipsychotics for children and teens wereprescribed mostly for boys, and mostly for ADHD, a use not approved by the FDA, according to new research. If your psychiatrist is hinting about antipsychotics for your ADHD young person, perhaps check this study write-up.

"WE'RE HIT WITH 300 TOXINS BEFORE WE'RE EVEN BORN." That's the title of a full-page ad that ran recently in The New York Times, sponsored by Seventh Generation, a maker of cleaning and personal care products that are supposedly safe and effective. The goal is to overhaul legislation controlling the use of toxic substances in products. The "300" refers to research by the Centers for Disease Control that has spotted 300 toxic chemicals in newborn umbilical cords. The all falls into our category of "Something Else to Worry About," of course. You can read about the ad and see it (a small version) at the site of Ad Age. Or you can visit the site of Seventh Generation for more information the Toxic Substances Control Act. Or you can try to see if this link ( works for you -- it didn't for us.

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY HOLIDAY to our friends and subscribers in the USA. Go read some history. Or listen to Stan Freberg's album United States of America. And wonder if any (or how many) of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were twice exceptional. 

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